Scavenger hunt full information

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what is this scavenger hunt?
For an hour you will be set loose upon an area in lotro. With the task to find the answers to the question, loot and solve the provided riddles. For an idea about what to expect you can visit the Bree-edition forum topic from 2 years ago here. (Newer members might not have access)

Example riddle
A Hobbit lass asks you to look for her partner,“Oh my, what’s that ruckus, can you hear it,Over by the Windview Estate can you see it,Better take a look and make sure no one is hurt, And if it’s my Hob tell him off if he’s torn his new shirt.”

Example question
Where can you find Esilia Diggerly?

Example item
A Cookable Fish

Example screenshot question
Whistling by the Dog & Well


File comment: How many pictures hang in the Scholar’s Stair archives & what is in the one on the left?

Scavenger hunt start and end times (entry, question list, hand in etc)

The scavenger hunt will be held on the 18th of february. The gathering point will be announced at 15:00 Cet. The questions, riddles and items you need to find with the points you can earn will be posted at 15:20 on the forum topic. At 15:30 you will be unleashed upon the ….. And you have to make it back at 16:30. Hand-in of items, etc will be open till 17:00. Screenshots and answers will need to be posted before 18:00 Cet to be elligble for the prizes. Winners and correct answers will be posted a few hours later and be announced at the lottery draw later that night (20/21 Cet).

What do you need to do?

  1. Have an account on the wisdom website. External uploads and mailed links will be accepted, but it’s far easier for the organising comittee to go by the forum topic
  2. Be on time
  3. Give all answers and items on time. Screenshots are encouraged (see point 5).
  4. Have fun.
  5. Dont cheat. Its a fun event, prizes wont be 1000’s of gold. So sharing answers, copying answers from others that posted before you is heavily discouraged. First time the entry times are so wide and it’s open to all non-wotv for the first time.
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