Scavenger hunt answer submission update

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We’ve updated, made it easier and came up with a way to keep your answers hidden for the others until the deadline has past. This makes it fairer and easier for both sides. And allow you to edit your answers incase you made a mistake (before the deadline). For time, examples and other information see Scavenger hunt full information

How do i give my answers? 

  1. Easiest, preferred way is to post you answers with the form below. See tutorial lower in the post (will require an account). All options are on the main website menu on top.
    1. your anwsers
    2. Edit after you submit incase you change your mind
    3. All posts by participants after deadline passes
  2. Submit a link to Bearlee ingame with the answers. Working link and access are on you. Think a google doc, dropbox link with a wordfile or other text file.

Answer guide


Do i need to make screenshots?
No, but the 4th category and riddles have bonus points for screenshots

I don’t want to make an account, what can i do?
You can use any email for this contest. But your account will be used for future contests and scavenger hunts. You can use option 2 as well, but if a link or file you submit doesnt work. I’ll let you know, but deadline is deadline.

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