Hide & Seek competition: Introduction!

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Hey there,

For the upcoming six weeks, the Everlasting Hope kinship will hold its second Hide & Seek competition event! Make sure to read the info below to make sure you know what you can expect for these upcoming events!

General info
The Hide & Seek competition will being hold for the upcoming 6-7 weeks with an event every friday (normally). During these events you can score a certain amount of points depending on how well you are playing the game. In the end the top 3 players will get rewarded with a certain amount of money which relates to the amount of donations being made over the upcoming 6-7 weeks for the event. This event shall take place all over Middle-Earth!

At the start of every game, the player can choose wether to be a hider or a seeker. The rules for the hider and seeker differ alot, so they will be told apart from each other.

As hider you get 5 minutes to travel free through the given region withotu any seekers chasing you. We shall take northern bree-fields as a region example to make things more clear. During these first 5 minutes the hiders may travel by mount, they may also get outside the borders of the given region during this period of time. When the first 5 minutes are done for the hiders will get chased by the seekers for a total of 20 minutes. During these 20 minutes the hiders may NOT use a mount and also may NOT get out of boundaries for more then 5 seconds! Be aware that hiders also may not stay in little area parts that are not connected to the main part! Hiders may also not use stealth! Its also forbidden as hider to get into instanced buildings! Failing to do this will result in getting no points at all and if it happens more frequently exception of the competition! You may however laydown and hide in bushes or other objects that can hide your visibility! Hiders may also walk around during these 20 minutes if they like to but within the boundaries of the region! Hiders may even teleport aslong as it brings them to locations within the boundaries of the playing field! When the seeker did use the slap emote on you, you have been caught! When you are caught you must report to the host that you are caught and leave the playing field, to avoid any confusion by other seekers. The hiders will be all grouped up in a raid party so the host can keep an eye out on each hider. Hiders may never tell the location of other hiders! Failing to do this will result in an immidiate cancelation of further participation in the competition and perhaps even other competitions depending on the case! If the seekers find all hiders before the time runs out, the game is done aswell!

As a seeker you will wait the first 5 minutes with the host near the borders of the playing field, outside the playing field. After the first 5 minutes, the seekers will get 20 minutes to catch as many hiders as possible. The seekers should always travel by mount (with the exception of water areas!). The seekers will not be in any party. They may also not communicate among each other to keep the competition among the seekers fair. The seekers should use the /slap emote on the hiders when the seeker finds one. When the seeker has caught one he/she should report it to the host immidiately. If the hider disagrees on being caught then the host shall ask the certain location you did foudn the hider to check the truth. Not telling the truth can have certain consequenses depending on the case. If the seekers find all hiders before the time runs out, the game is done aswell!


The following areas shall be randomly chosen in the upcoming weeks. The level of the areas shall increase within the weeks! The specific area will be announced on the unfied site together with the other specific details for every event.

week 1: lv 5-20 areas (ered luin, shire, bree-land)
week 2: lv 20-42 areas (lone-lands, north downs, evendim, trollshaws)
week 3: lv 40-52 areas (misty mountains, angmar, forechel, eregion)
week 4: lv 50-65 areas (moria, lothlorien, mirkwood, enedwaith)
week 5: lv 65-85 areas (dunland, great river, eastern rohan, wildermore)
week 6: lv 85-105 areas (fangorn forest, western rohan, all gondor areas, the wastes)

Scoring points

As hider you will win 1 point per player that has been caught before you. you will also win 2 points if you are caught within 5-10 minutes, 4 points if you are caught within 10-15 minutes and 6 points if you are caught within 15-20 minutes.  Hiders who survive the whole game will get 8 points!

As seeker you will get 2 points per player that you catch. If the seekers catch all hiders within 5 minutes time they will get all 3 additional points. If they find all within 10 minutes time, they will all get 2 additional points. If they find all within 15 minutes they will all get 1 additional point! If there is one seeker to be named that has caught the most then that seeker will get 2 additional points aswell!

Per event
The hider that did last the longest will get 25% of what was donated that week + 10g from the host! If more then one hider survived, then the reward will be split up among them but the reward meaned for the seekers will be added to this, the seekers wont get anything in that case!

The seeker that did find the most will get 25% of what was donated that week + 10g from the host! If more then one seeker found an equal amount, then the reward will be split up among them! If the seekers found all hiders within 5 minutes then the rewards meaned for the hiders will be awarded to the best seeker(s) aswell. The hiders wont get anything then!

50% from all the donations that have been made shall be shared to the top 3 winners of the wholecompetition. This means that thsoe with the most amount of scored points in the end will get the right for this reward. The 3rd best shall get 1/6 of this reward, the 2nd best shall get 2/6 of this reward and the winner will get 1/2 of this reward!

Because more players shall get rewarded per event, you can only donate money and no items for this event. Donated items shall be posted back to the player that did send them! You can donate to the host ‘whitedoom’ by in game mail! Although we got specific standard rules on how to share the reward, every donator may have a different ruling. This should be stated by the donator to the host though!




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