Horse racing: new standings (5/6 done!)

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Hey there,

These are the new horse racing standings after having done 5/6 amazing races with just one to go! Be aware that the top 3 shall be hugely rewarded and the winner shall be known as the fourth horse racing champion when all six races are done!

1.Bearlee (WotV) 68p 
2.Cunannun (EH) 67p
3.Toffeeapple (EH) 33p
4.Kikilaa (EH) 26p
5.Burglaris (EH) 21p
6.Nikephor (EH) 20p
7.Davtona (WotV) 18p
8.Arrhiana (EH) 14p
9.Celasnion (EH) 13p
10.Penbre (WotV) 12p
11.Riga (WotV) 11p
11.Gedhros (OoME) 10p
11.Hirnnorglor (EH) 10p
14.Mindolderch (HoE) 9p
14.Vinyalote (BoA) 9p
16.Arthenwald (EH) 8p
16.Ephrathah (EH) 8p
16.Sarcrandir (OoME) 8p
19.Luxyi (SP) 7p
20.Legolasjo (EH) 6p
20.Radsky (WotV) 6p
22.Dendena (EH) 5p
22.Maelborn (EH) 5p
24.Hadhodir (EH) 4p
24.Rhiannon (EH) 4p
24.Trua (EH) 4p
27.Aratholian (BoA) 3p
27Evergasht (OoME) 3p
27.Finui (EH) 3p
30.Gwynnie (EH) 1p



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