Horse race: Final standings!

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These are the final horse racing standins from the fourth horse race compition. Congratulations to Cunannun (shtahlin) from Everlasting Hope for winning this type of competition for his second time!

1.Cunannun (EH) 84p
2.Bearlee (WotV) 68p 
3.Toffeeapple (EH) 46p 
4.Kikilaa (EH) 26p
5.Burglaris (EH) 21p
6.Nikephor (EH) 20p
7.Davtona (WotV) 18p
8.Arrhiana (EH) 14p
9.Celasnion (EH) 13p
10.Penbre (WotV) 12p
11.Estgur (WotV) 11p
11.Riga (WotV) 11p
13.Gedhros (OoME) 10p
13.Hirnnorglor (EH) 10p
15.Isteruil (tOB) 9p
15.Mindolderch (HoE) 9p
15.Vinyalote (BoA) 9p
18.Arthenwald (EH) 8p
18.Ephrathah (EH) 8p
18.Sarcrandir (OoME) 8p
21.Luxyi (SP) 7p
22.Legolasjo (EH) 6p
22.Radsky (WotV) 6p
24. Dendena (EH) 5p
24.Maelborn (EH) 5p
26.Hadhodir (EH) 4p
26.Rhiannon (EH) 4p
26.Trua (EH) 4p
29.Aratholian (BoA) 3p
29Evergasht (OoME) 3p
29.Finui (EH) 3p
32.Gwynnie (EH) 1p

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