Chicken race competition (Introduction!)

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Hey there,

After a succesfull horse race competition, the Everlasting Hope kinship will hold the second chicken race competition for  the upcoming six weeks! If you think you are a surviver and strategist then be sure to read further as the upcoming weeks will be interesting for you!

What is a chicken race competition?
With the chicken race competition you will be a chicken character. Once again you shall feel how it is to be a level 1 newb in the world of LOTRO. The goal is simply to get to a certain given point in LOTRO  but without dieing! Meanwhile you also want to beat your competition to the finish line! In total there will be six races being hold for the upcoming weeks in which you will earn points based on how well you did in each race.

Who has won the competition before?
So far we have done only one competition of this kind in the past. The winner of that competition was Squirle (Bearlee) from the Wisdom of the Valar kinship!

What are the rules
The rules are simply that when you die, disconnect or retreat that you are out of the race at that point. You will have to tell the player that is organising the race that you died, retreated or dced  once you are in your human body again. Furthermore you may only go as a chicken to the certain location!  You may use all chicken skills that are given to you and you shall need them! Its not allowed to bring friends with you that help you out killing mobs around you!

Chicken questline
Before we start the race itself there will be 20 to 30 minutes given to new players that never played as a chicken before. They can complete  the quest line (which normally doesnt take more then 10 minutes) on beforehand till the point that they can choose the Trollshaws quest option. This option gives new players a 2 hour 30 min time which is enough to complete most of the races! If you got the 8 hour timer one already then its of course recommended to go for that one! We do recommend new players that are looking forward to these events to do the chicken quests already on beforehand when they got time so they dont have to do this last minute themselves!

Other requirements
All levels can join all six races! The only requirement is that you should complete the chicken quests untill you have a chicken in which you can run for eight straight hours with. If you have to less time for that then the 2.5 hour chicken you get when you start the Trollswas quest should be enough aswell! Further its recommended that you got some knowledge of the terrain the race will be hold in and the mobs that are walking there! last but not least is recommended that you make 2 to 3 hours free if you decide to do a race up till the finish line!

Scoring points

FINISH: If you know to survive and finish the race, you will get 1 point per player that died, dced or retreated. You will also get 1 point per player that finished later then you. If you finished first you will get an additional 5 points. If you did finish second you will get an additional 4 points. If you finished third, you will get an additional 3 points. If you finished fourth, you will get an additional 2 points. If you finished fifth youll will get an additional 1 point. If all finished without one player that retreated, died or dced (which is very unlikely in these events) everyone will get 1 additional point.

CHICKEN CHECKPOINTS: Throughout each race there will be several chicken checkpoints in which you can also score points. The amount of checkpoints depends on the length of each race. Before each race it shall be told where these checkpoints are (normally always on borders between two maps, see below for exact locations). The first player that gets through a checkpoint will get 5 points. After that the checkpoint will be open for another 2 minutes max. If the second to firth player also gets through this checkpoitn within these five mintues they will get 4, 3, 2 and 1 points in the order of second to fifth. The race organiser shall stay at these checkpoints and shall move away once the checkpoint closes.

EXAMPLES: –chicken X, was a fast but uncarefull runner. He did came through two checkpoints first but died after. This means that this player scored a total of 5 points (first checkpoint) + 5 points (second checkpoint) = 1o points. (Same counts for those dced or retreated later on!)
-Chicken Y, was very carefull but to late to score points at certain checkpoints. Fortunately alot died in the end and chicken Y became third at the finish in which a total of twelf chickens started. Player y then gets 9 points (from the other chickens that finished later or died, dced or retreated) + 3 points (because Y became third) = 12 points.
-Chicken Z, became third through all four checkpoints and became also third at the finish. A total of ten players started the race. Chicken Z then gets 12 points (from the four checkpoints (3×4)) + 7 points (from other chickens that finished later, died, dced or retreated) + 3 points (because he finished third) = 22 points

Competition prizes

PRIZE PER RACE: For each race there will be shared at least 20G (this can be more by donations) to the top three finishers. If less then three finish the prize will be add up to those that did finish. If none survived the total prize will be add up to the next race. If this also isn’t possible (because it was the final race) it will be add up to the competition prize.  You will have to finish if you want to earn more then just points!

COMPETITION PRIZE: Like every competion the top three winners of the competion (those that gathered the most points of all after six races) will be shared at least 50G (this can be more by donations)!

DONATIONS: The prizes can add up by donating to ‘Whitedoom’. For this event you can donate money and/or items! Money will be shared for 50% to the certain upcoming race and the other 50% will be add up the competion pot. You are free to give extra requirements on how you would like to have your donations shared but you must let ‘Whitedoom’ know about this!

 The races

The chicken races will raise up in difficulty and lenght through the weeks!

A visit to Thorin (week 1), your task is to get to the doors of thorins hall to pay a visit to the dwarfs! There will be a total of one checkpoint on the journey! (c1: border Shire –> Ered Luin) Considered race duration: Less then 30 minutes!

Icy road (week 2), your task is to get to  Ja-Reitti in the icy rift but be aware of some robbers on the road to the cold weather! There will be a total of two checkpoints on the journey (C1: border Shire –> Evendim at Oatbarton. C2: border Evendim –> Forechel at cirth rhiw). Considered race duration: 45 minutes!

Shadows of Chickens (week 3), your task is to get to the entrance of Dun Covad in Angmar, but look out for some stealthy wargs! There will be a total of three checkpoints (C1: border Shire –> Bree at the Brandywine bridge , C2: Border Bree-Land –> North Downs at Trestlebridge and C3: border North Downs –> Angmar at the road to Aughaire). Considered race duration: 1 hour!

Chickens and Goblins (week 4), your task is to get to the entrance of goblin town, but be aware alot of stealthy mobs on the road! There will be a total of four checkpoints (C1 border Shire –> Bree-Land at the Brandywine bridge, C2 border Bree-Land –> Lone-Lands at the road, c3 border Lone-Lands –> Trollshaws (at the last bridge) c4, border Trollshaws –> Misty Mountains at Cirith Imladris) Considered race duration: 1.5 hours!

The Great Wide Open (week 5), your task is to get to the Minas Tirith npc in which you also complete the Great Wide open quest, trust me only for hardcore chickens! There will be a total of seven checkpoints (C1 border Shire –> Bree-Land at the Brandywine Bridge, C2 border Breeland –> lonelans at the main roiad, c3 border Lone-Lands –> Trollshaws at the last bridge c4, border Trollshaws –> Eregion at Gwingris, C5 border Enedwaith –> Dunland at the main road, C6 border Dunland –> Westen Rohan at the main road, C7 border Western Rohan –> Far Anorien at the main road. Considered race duration: 2.5 hours!

Dwarf Auctions (week 6), your task is to get to the Twenty First Hall auction door, but it shall appear to be even harder then you might think at first as unkown forces shall try to prevent you from getting there! Your sneaky skills shall be tested to the max if you want to survive this one to the end! There will be a total of eight checkpoints (C1 border Shire –> Bree-Land at the Brandywine Bridge, C2 border Bree-land –> Lone-Lands at the main road, c3 border Lonelands –> Trollshaws at the last bridge, C4 border Trollshaws –> Eregion at Gwingris, C5 border Enedwaith –> Dunland at the main road, C6 border Dunland –> Westen rohan at the main road, C7 border Eastern Rohan –> Great River, C8 at entrance to Moria from Lothlorien). Considered race duration: 3 hours!

Event dates

The events shall normally start at fridays every week at 19.30 CET (18.30 GMT). This includes the first 45-60 minutes in which players get a chance to get race ready by doing the pre-quests! Players who have done the pre chicken quests (finishing it up till you can do flying the coop — trollshaws or further is recommended) can join in later, but should be alert to the unified chat as to when we really start in the meantime! Times and days can differ though! Info about this will be posted every week!


If you did read it all you will understand that a real challenge is ahead. The combination of being carefull, fast and sneaky shall determine if you will be the very first chicken champion in the house! Hope to see you soon!


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