RAID: Vote for on level raid (lv 49-94)!

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Hey there,

The Everlasting Hope kinship will organise an on level raid on thursday 22 may at 21.00 CET (GMT + 1). This event is open for all our allianced kinship players aswell. All players from the allianced kinships may now vote wich encounter they would like to see. You can vote for more then one encounter but not twice the same. Voting can be done by in game mailing or telling ‘whitedoom’. Be sure to vote for encounters within your level range, as only those will be accepted that day! Be aware that some encounters will be hold at different times and days due to length and lock systems. Voting closes wednesday 21 may around 22.00 CET!

You can vote for:
-Rift of Nurz Ghashu (lv 49-59, starts 20.00 CET)
-Filikul (lv 59-69)
-Vile Maw (lv 59-69)
-Dar Narbugud (lv 59-69, start sat 24 may 20.00 CET)
-Ost Dunhoth wound/fear (lv 64-74)
-Tower of Orthanc (lv 74-84, start 20.00 CET)
-Battle for Erebor (lv 84-94)
-Fires of Smaug (lv 84-94)

Be sure to vote,

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