Chicken race: Icy Road (2/6, friday 7 july 19.30 CET (18.30 GMT))

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Hey there,

The second chicken race event (out of six) will be hold at friday 7 july at 19.30 CET (18.30 GMT). See ‘’ for more info on the event itself!

your task is to get to Ja-Reitti in the icy rift but be aware of some robbers on the road to the cold weather!

-having the 8 hour chicken is strongly adviced (you get this by completing all the flying the coop chicken quests at sandon’s farm northeast of Michel Delving!
-If you have done the chicken pre-quests already, we recommend you to join in 45 minutes later!

-All levels welcome!

Race info:

-Race duration: about 45 minutes
-Amount of chicken checkpoints: 2
-Difficulty: medium
-Prize: 50G or more (depends on donations, you can donate money and/or items to ‘whitedoom’!

Hope to see you at the race!

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