10 year wotv public party – 20 july

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On the 20th of july Wisdom of the Valar will exist for 10 years. We like to celebrate that with the Evernight server and Unified ofcourse as well. On the evening of the 20th we’ll gather at out old dwarven kinhouse and have a parade towards the prancing pony with a little detour for some Freze and tag it games at the bree festival grounds.

In bree we’ll host party with fireworks, music and trivia. Later in the evening we’ll make our way to weathertop for a picture moment. Later that evening we’ll have a race towards the kin island with prizes for normal and warsteeds.

Everyone is welcome to join is for all or parts of these events.

We’ll gather around 20 Cet and depart at 20:30 Cet towards Bree where we expect to arrive around 21. For the next hour we’ll host the games, music and trivia and make our towards the Weathertop. From which we’ll organise a race towards the Belfalas housing area in West gondor towards our new kinhouse.

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  1. Whitedoom says:

    Happy birthday already guys:D I will make sure to be there and will alert my kin about it for sure;)

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