RAID: Barad Guldur (T2, lv 105)

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Hey there,

Thanks to quanduro’s winning vote, the Everlasting Hope kinship will hold the barad Guldur tier 2 encounter at lv 105 for lv 105 characters at sunday 16 july at 21.00 CET (20.00 GMT). All members of allianced kinships are welcome to join the run. See for requirements below. Be aware that those that have voted will have a priority for invites above others!

Mirkwood expansion
lv 105 character
hope tokens (+5 or +6)
cure pots (lv 110)
food/scrolls are strongly recommended!

Be aware: This encounter isnt meaned to be a walk over. Wipes are to be expected. Respecting other players mistakes and wipes are a must. Not tolerating this during the group play can have high consequenses!


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