Chicken race: new standings (5/6 done!)

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Hey there,

These are the new chicken race competition standings after 5 races are done with still one to go! The top 3 winners of the competition will be hugely rewarded!

1. Cuthraul (EH) 115p
2. Riga (WotV) 50p 
3. Burglaris (EH) 44p
4. Squirle (WotV) 41p
5. Limric (EH) 35p
6. Toffeecake (EH) 26p
7. Draugohtar (EH) 16p
8. Alimis (HoE) 13p
9. Burer (HoE) 9p
10. Casphue (EH) 7p
10. Ziretta (EH) 7p
12. Elvedel (EH) 6p
13 Anlie (EH) 5p
13. Tinytemper (EH) 5p
15. Foxard (EH) 3p
15. Xalithior (EH) 3p
17. Halapanda (WotV) 2p
18. Gazar (EH) 1p

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