Chicken race: Dwarf Auctions (final race, friday 10 august, 19.00 CET)

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Hey there,

The final chicken race event will be hold at friday 10 august at 19.00 CET (18.00 GMT). See ‘’ for more info on the event itself!

your task is to get to the Twenty First Hall auction door, but it shall appear to be even harder then you might think at first as unkown forces shall try to prevent you from getting there!

-having the 8 hour chicken is strongly adviced (you get this by completing all the flying the coop chicken quests at sandon’s farm northeast of Michel Delving!
-If you have done the chicken pre-quests already, we recommend you to join in 45 minutes later!
-All levels welcome!

Race info:

-Race duration: about 3 hours
-Amount of chicken checkpoints: 8
-Difficulty: hard
-Prize: 62.5G + items or more (depends on donations, you can donate money and/or items to ‘whitedoom’!

Hope to see you at the race!

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