10 year wotv public party – 20 july

On the 20th of july Wisdom of the Valar will exist for 10 years. We like to celebrate that with the Evernight server and Unified ofcourse as well. On the evening of the 20th we’ll gather at out old dwarven kinhouse and have a parade towards the prancing pony with a little detour for some Freze and tag it games at the bree festival grounds.

In bree we’ll host party with fireworks, music and trivia. Later in the evening we’ll make our way to weathertop for a picture moment. Later that evening we’ll have a race towards the kin island with prizes for normal and warsteeds.

Everyone is welcome to join is for all or parts of these events.

We’ll gather around 20 Cet and depart at 20:30 Cet towards Bree where we expect to arrive around 21. For the next hour we’ll host the games, music and trivia and make our towards the Weathertop. From which we’ll organise a race towards the Belfalas housing area in West gondor towards our new kinhouse.

Moria cap group 1 july 20 Cet

Wotv moria cap group will head out again tonight at 20 Cet. Got a character around level 60 and want to team up take down the forces of Mazog and the nameless ones? Contact aeschyli (bearlee) or keep an eye on unified.

Cap group will fight the forces of moria and scaled instances again tonight around 20 Cet. Want a break from the dark Mordor, come join us in dark Moria.

Characters level around 60. Not 40, not 105. But we can work with a range of levels.
Content – Moria 3 and 6 man. Scaled instances, big battles or skirmishs. Depending on the wishes and number of people.
Need – have fun and a torchlight

Throne on the dreadterror tier 1 (105)

Everlasting Hope be hosting another throne of the dreadterror tier 1 run on coming thursday (the 22th) at 20:00 CET

As usual all kinnies and allies are welcome but you’ll have to sign-up if you want to be assured of a spot!

So go register at our raiding site (ehraiding.shivtr.com) and add the character(s) you want to the roster.

Incase you already did that for a previous run you can go straight to the following link and sign for the coming thursday’s event.


Please make sure you are online 5-10 minutes before the start of the raid to make the invite process as smooth as possible.

Greetings Quanduro

Thorog unlock and 90 minutes mark farm

Sunday 17th of july Wotv will host and dragon wing/thorog unlock and farm combi.
Around 19:30 Cet we’ll start the 3 wings called, spider/drake/giant at level 50 and everyone is welcome to join us for deed/xp and to unlock the Dragon wing.
Around 20:30 we’d like to start the 90 minute farm of the dragon itself. With the 100% MORMARK code and the 25 % extra marks and medaillions.

Be on time, we can repeat some parts, but at the x:30 marks we’ll go public or to the next step to keep it all a bit rolling.

Throne of the dreadterror Tier 1 (105)

Everlasting Hope be hosting another throne of the dreadterror tier 1 run on coming thursday (the 15th) at 20:00 CET

As usual all kinnies and allies are welcome but you’ll have to sign-up if you want to be assured of a spot!

So go register at our raiding site (ehraiding.shivtr.com) and add the character(s) you want to the roster.

Incase you already did that for a previous run you can go straight to the following link and sign for the coming thursday’s event.


Please make sure you are online 5-10 minutes before the start of the raid to make the invite process as smooth as possible.

Greetings Quanduro

Ettenmoors pvmp nights with wotv

Wisdom of the valar is hosting nights in the Ettenmoors twice a week. We’re eating from both platter with our nights out.

On tuesday we’re going to the creep side to fight the free people around 20 Cet we log over and gather at gramsfoot. We got a creep kin/tribe open to all or you can just join our group from your own. Creepside has 6 classes of which 1 is free for all. They are all independent of your character so any level can join.

On wednesday (used to thursday) we’re going with our own character to fight the creeps of this middle earth. We got a kin ofcourse, but since you’re in unified, you probably have one also ;). Freepnight usually start aroud either 20 Cet or 20:30 Cet depending on the host. Keep an eye out the unified channel that night for details.  Freep side battle is only open to vips though (there is a mithril coin option, but dont use that).

See you in the Ettenmoors

Mordrith down and more level 50 runs

Assault on Carn dum
2 weeks after Urugarth a team of 5 gathered at the doors of Carn dum to continue the assault on Angmars leaders. An unlikely fellowship of 50’s with a runekeeper, guardian, beorning, loremaster and a hunter entered there for the first time. With a 55 hunter we decided to forego finding a 6th from public.

The fellowship made its way to barchuil the bridge destroyer. He proved to be no match for our group. Helcham and his green poisonous waters proved to be a bigger obstacle then the simple angmarim outside. Running through the sewers to find our way into the tower the Morroval were quickly dispatched after ambushing us from their ceilings.

After looting the the key from their corpses we were able to enter the fortress itself. The beorning healing proved to be instrumental in the firey reflects of all the ancient evils inside that place.

With the loremaster power supply the hunter and runekeeper managed to keep up their long assaults on guruthul and Mordrith himself.
Further assault on Angmar
With several scaled instances, Urugarth and Carn dum down with 2 mixed groups. We’ll continue our assault on Angmars forces with Barad Gul and some return to the other instances. In the meantime we’ll gear up a bit and look for other fellows and perhaps assault the Rift itself at a later date.

Want to join us? Get a character to level 50 and use the stone of tortoise to disable experience and let us know your interest for future runs.

Level 50 content – Cap group

Wisdom of the valar is hosting a new activity. Gathers usually on friday or saturday for the level 50 cap group.

We organise nights for characters at a specific level. It’s an extra activity where players can build and play a charater to run content with. Some for nostalgia, others for a challenge, fun or just to team up without extra help from a max level kinnie. Players can log in specially for these nights or play their characters at other times. During these nights we’ll gather in a fellowship and decide what content we’ll do depending on classes, number of players and what people want to do.

Current level cap = 50
At this time the focus of the group is level 50. This was the level cap at the time lotro started and a lot of instances, epic line and other content available at this level range. At some point we’ll up the level cap 60. But at the moment we still have a lot of content to do at 50.

Have fun while doing level 50 content. Ofcourse we’d like to clear the Rift raid. But our short term goal is to get a nice group of people that are enjoying themself. Urugarth is our first main stop followed by carn dum. In the meantime we equip and battle other quests and instances like the examples.

We’ve done the epic book volume 1, Shire deeds, Angmar group quests. Few moria quests, flight of the dragon small fellowship at -4  level. Cleared Great barrows with 4 people. Gotten massacred when we tried the easy Iorbars peak and got massacred when we tried it on tier 2.

Be level 50 or below. We suggest you use a character thats not your main with an xp disabler (100 tp from the store). Level 51 isn’t that big an issue, but we have to draw a line somewhere ;).

Cap group (level 50)

Event calendar

Lang Rhuven quest chain – wednesday 20 Cet

As part of our request night. We’ll host a Lang rhuven quest chain night. Part of the quest chain to unlock the U20 resource instances. Its a 3 stage back and forth in a 200k mob infested area in the eastern part of the Waste. We’ll start at stage 1 at 20 Cet. Make sure you have done pre-quest and be on time. During the run we stay together to speed things up.

Prequest- Small 20 kill quest in skoironk area. Cave to the south west

The first step is to travel to the camp in the Slag Hills where you will find Candur and Tharindul (or something like that).  You can find the Slag Hills Camp because it shows on the map, just north of the Black Gate, there is a milestone.  Tharindul may or may not have some quests for you (depending on how far you have quested the region).  None of Tharindul’s quests lead to the Fellowship Instnace, so don’t worry if he has no quests for you; you don’t need them for this.  Turn instead to Candur.  We can now unlock your resource dailies in 8 steps.

1.)  If you have not already started working on Candur’s quests, he should have just one quest for you: The Slag Hills.  This quest is to kill 20 enemies in the Slag Hills.   Complete this quest as it is the first necessary step towards unlocking the Fellowship Resource Dailies.

Step 2,3 and 4 Each containing 3 quests in Lang Rhuven area

2.)  After completing and turning in the quest The Slag Hills at Candur, Candur should now have 3 additional quests for you, all involving Lang Rhuvan (a large fellowship difficulty Easterling Camp east of the Slag Haills camp.  Of the first 3 quests from Candur, you only need to complete Lang Rhuvan: The Escape.  Its best to do this with a group.  It’s the quest where you release a horse from the Easterling stables and protect it as it makes it’s way outside the camp.  Any member of your group who needs this quest must talk to a horse once and hit continue quest.  When the group is all ready, have one member of your group speak with a horse again and the horse will begin his escape.  Kill any mobs in the horses path, but try not to bring in extra mobs who are not aggroed, as the horse will not move until he is out of combat.  When the horse finally exits the camp head back to the Slag Hills camp and turn it in.  If you have been working on the other Lang Rhuvan quests from this first set of quests it is not necessary to finish them.  If the purpose of your group is to unlock the instances and you have a large group, it’s best to stay focused on the task at hand and leave the other quests for later.

3.) If you have completed Lang Rhuvan: the Escape, Candur will now have 3 more quests.  Of this second set of Lang Rhuvan quests, it’s only necessary that you complete Lang Rhuvan: the War Party.  To complete this quest head to the Southern entrance (the main entrance) to Lang Rhuvan and follow the road into the camp east as far as you can go.  You will reach a dead end.  At this point have your group had all the way up to the dead end where you will fight waves of Easterlings.  To complete the quest you must stand your ground for 3 minutes and 30 seconds.  Please do have your group again the far east side of the dead end because if any leave the area the quest will fail.  Once the timer is up, the waves will stop and you may return to the Slag Hills camp to turn in your quest.  Again, if you have additional open quests in Lang Rhuvan, but you are working on unlocks in a large group, it is really best to stay focused and leave the unfinished quests for later.

4.) Once you have completed and turned in Lang Rhuvan: The War Party, Candur will have 3 more quests.  Of this final set of Lang Rhuvan quests, you only need to complete Lang Rhuvan: The War Leaders.  Travel to the Northern entrance of Lang Rhuvan (a path between rocks, you probably recognize it as the place the horse left the camp).  This entrance is the closest to the War Leaders.  There are 2 named Easterling bosses not far from this entrance.  Kill them and return to Candur in the Slag Hills Camp.

10 years of lotro celebration weekend

In the weekend of 22/23 april the game we all play will reach the age of 10 years. A little while later the kin will reach that age as well (which we’ll celebrate big). But we can’t let the games birthday go without something to do ofcourse.  Below you will find our party activities (more info on some will follow).

Scavenger hunt
On the 23rd of April at 15:00 Cet we’ll organise a new Scavenger hunt for you detectives out there. Sixfoot will provide you all with a fresh set of questions, riddles and items to figure out in a region like Bree or the Shire. Which one, i also have no idea ;).

Screenshot competition
We’ll also organise a screenshot competition on the website with a few categories to enter. These will be General, Landscape, Inhabitants and the special theme is Party time.