10 year wotv public party – 20 july

On the 20th of july Wisdom of the Valar will exist for 10 years. We like to celebrate that with the Evernight server and Unified ofcourse as well. On the evening of the 20th we’ll gather at out old dwarven kinhouse and have a parade towards the prancing pony with a little detour for some Freze and tag it games at the bree festival grounds.

In bree we’ll host party with fireworks, music and trivia. Later in the evening we’ll make our way to weathertop for a picture moment. Later that evening we’ll have a race towards the kin island with prizes for normal and warsteeds.

Everyone is welcome to join is for all or parts of these events.

We’ll gather around 20 Cet and depart at 20:30 Cet towards Bree where we expect to arrive around 21. For the next hour we’ll host the games, music and trivia and make our towards the Weathertop. From which we’ll organise a race towards the Belfalas housing area in West gondor towards our new kinhouse.

10 years of lotro celebration weekend

In the weekend of 22/23 april the game we all play will reach the age of 10 years. A little while later the kin will reach that age as well (which we’ll celebrate big). But we can’t let the games birthday go without something to do ofcourse.  Below you will find our party activities (more info on some will follow).

Scavenger hunt
On the 23rd of April at 15:00 Cet we’ll organise a new Scavenger hunt for you detectives out there. Sixfoot will provide you all with a fresh set of questions, riddles and items to figure out in a region like Bree or the Shire. Which one, i also have no idea ;).

Screenshot competition
We’ll also organise a screenshot competition on the website with a few categories to enter. These will be General, Landscape, Inhabitants and the special theme is Party time.

Lotro and DDO moved from Turbine/Wb to new independent studio

No more Turbine? Seems so. On the heels of the 19.2 release notes 2 new posts by the community manager came online.

The game teams responsible for The Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) and Dungeons & Dragons Online (DDO) are now moving from Turbine to Standing Stone Games, a newly formed indie game studio. In addition, we’ve partnered with Daybreak Games to provide global publishing services. They’ve had a long, successful history developing and publishing MMOs, and we’re happy to lean on their expertise.

Press-release post

Some questions have also been posted already in a FAQ

Forum topic for further updates and discussions is here

My view atm is astonishment really. It’s a blessing and a curse that they leave Turbine and the parent company Warner brothers. The newly independent studio makes me worried, but the support from daybreak games publishing studio makes me lean a bit more to the positive side. That company is responsible for games like Planetside 2, Everquest, Ultima online and DC universe. Good, decent f2p games with a nice track record of content and updates.

For other sides it’s too early and to form any final thoughts.