Hide & Seek: lv 65-85 areas

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Upcoming friday at 2 december at 21.00 CET (20.00 GMT), we will hold the fifth (out of six) Hide & Seek event for the current Hide & Seek competition. All allianced kinship players are welcome to join this event. This time a random area within The Great River, Dunland, Eastern Rohan and Wildermore will be selected as playing field. The exact location will be known during the start of the event. The rules will be explained during the event aswell. Continue reading

Unified activities this week new weekly T2 raid + on level vote raid

On Thursday @ 21 CET Everlasting hope hold it’s Vote raid again. Votes will close by wednesday 20 CET.
Leave a comment here or on facebook for your vote. And we’ll make sure it gets tallied
Vile Maw (lv 59-69)
Filikul (lv 59-69)
Dar Narbugud (lv 59-69, starts 19.00 CET)
Barad Guldur (lv 64-74, starts 20.00 CET)
Ost Dunhoth wound/fear (lv 64-74)
Tower of Orthanc (lv 74-84, starts 20.00 CET)
Battle for Erebor (lv 84-94)
Fires of Smaug (lv 84-94)

And a new event each week focussing on Throne raid T2. Organised on asiatic prime-time. So it’s around 14:00 gmt/15 Cet. This starting time won’t change. Feel up for a challenge? Sign up through the link below

Event: ToDT T2 for geared level 105 allies.
When: Each week on Sunday at 14hOO GMT.
Details: We have a weekly sign-up to join the raid on a first come first serve basis.

To sign-up to the team each week, please follow this link: http://echelonkin.shivtr.com/pages/TDTraid

To view the current team list: http://echelonkin.shivtr.com/pages/raidteam

This raid team is not fixed and allies can sign up each week.
Our event is open to all members of our alliance. Please check out the details and T2 requirements on the sign-up page.

Happy adventuring,