10-10 cosmetic LI skirmish raid day

For the 10-10 we’ll run a mix of skirmish raids for a bunch of reasons. Fun ofc, but also grab your seals and kill swathes of enemies to grab a ton of third age legendary weapons for the 13th LI revamp launch. In addition come in your most “skirmishy” outfit and show off your warrior-face.

Time: First set of skirmishes 15:00 to 17:00 Cest. Second set 20:00 to 22:00 Cest

Cosmetic contest

During the runs take a screenshot of your outfit or post it and let squirle know with a link or ingame message. Voting will be up on monday to sunday.

LI farm for LI revamp launch

It will be (very) beneficial to fill every legendary item slot if you can. Come and farm, trade, and fill these slots. Dont forget to take them off your filter beforehand.

Why? You’ll receive Ancient scripts from them after 13 october. This is one of the main currencies for the new LI’s. Grabbing a few extra will allow you to make more items, better quality then you could do before. Also less effort afterward.

Warning: the item itself isn’t enough you will also need to have the item xp to level them before the 13th. More is better ofcourse, but grabbing 5000 extra would be nice boost. I’m going for just third ages leveled to 60 across alts.

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