11th anniversary weekend 20-22 july

On the 20th of July Wisdom of the Valar will have been in existence for 11 years! We’ll celebrate this with the usual Kin Lottery, games night and Kin Auctions. Over the weekend we’ll also have Costume (part of Unified competition) and Screenshot competitions.

  • 20th July – Warsteed Race + Game Night
  • 22nd July – Lottery Draw + Trivia and Keg Race
  • 20th-22nd July – Kin Auctions; find your bargains at an AH near you
  • Costume Contest in Week 4 of Unified competition (20th is Week 2)
  • Screenshot/Caption Contest announced later in the week

To enter the Lottery send an in-game mail with 500s or items in case of f2p to the character ‘Lottovalar’.
Donations for kinnies or Kin Auctions can be send to ‘Quartervalar’ or post them on the weekend of the 20th July at an AH near you.

Any other questions, ask on the forum, Facebook group or an Officer.

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