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Halloween encore lottery and kin auctions 1/2 dec

On the weekend of the 1 and 2 december we’ll hold our belated halloween special. Our regular kin auctions, lottery and gamenight will be in a halloween spirit with the  Halloween encore on their way.

30th of november – Ghostly (war)steed race
A halloween themed race across Middle-earth. Grab your horse and race your kinnies for prizes and glory.

weekend – kin auctions,
Grab a bargain, help kinnies out with the kin auctions and grabs some free bag space at the same time

2nd of december – Kin lottery and games night
For 500 silver in a mail to Lottovalar you will get a ticket. One ticket per member which on the evening we’ll hold a raffle for gold, items and all sort of prizes. During the evening we’ll also do trivia games, barrel races and other events.

Check your lottery entry on the foru...

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New officers and Lottery results

Some may have already seen them in the wild. With the new update and changes in playtime we’ve decided to welcome a few new officers to the team.

  • Byuna as a new officer
  • Riga as a returning officer
  • Adye changed officer to Ferynda

We’d wish them the best of luck and hope you give a warm welcome as well. This should allow us to help the kin and game with more online time and activities.

Lottery results
On saturday, 15 september we had our back to school weekend with the lottery and games night. Trivia and the moria keg race were finished off as lottery entries we’re settled. Below you’ll find the results with all prizes been mailed this morning.

Main price 666 gold – Menstrial
1 – 440 gold – Adhelis
2 – 330 gold – Jelboy
3 – 220 gold – Riga
4 – 220 gold – Donkerblond
5 – 110 gold Elialin
6 ...

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Back to school Lottery and kin weekend

It’s september so all the little elfs and hobbits are going back to school. And so are we. In the weekend of 14-16 september we’ll have a host of event for you.

The weekend – Kin auctions – Find a bargain near an AH near you
14 september – Hide and Seek (I don’t want to go) Eregion area 21 Cet
15 september – Kin lottery draw, music and trivia – TBT
16 september – School and/or  Library trials (speedrun)

Kin auction and lottery
During the weekend the kin and members will put up Kinship only auctions for a bargain. Check your local AH during the weekend for cosmetics, craft, scrolls and all sort of items.

Your classical lottery, send 500 silver to the char Lottovalar for a ticket. On the 15th of september during the Kin game night we’ll do /roll(s) X for the tickets sold...

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Lottery winners 11th anniversary

Main price 666 gold – 15 – Donkerblond

1 – 440 gold – 3 Clawyerbaws
2 – 330 gold – 13 Lerine
3 – 220 gold – 36 Estenion
4 – 220 gold – 34 Ulvanion
5 – 110 gold – 31 Hilridoc
6 – 110 gold – 34 Ulvanion
7 – 110 gold – 38 Angblossom
8 – 88 gold – 44 Tvann
9 – 66 gold – 12 Leonthorn
10 – 66 gold – 13 Lerine
11 – 66 gold – 24 Boranmir

Item prizes – Number rolled – Winner
1 Blemished symbol of the elder king – 8 – Brinsley
1 Blemished symbol of the elder king – 22 – Tiberbear
Tome of the sleek fox – 39 – Sunbin
Tome of the light brown goat – x – Senny
Tome of the white squirrel – 9 – Sandarlas
Tome of the russet hedghehog – 25 – Simrien
Tome of the hedgehog – 41 – Frostvir
Tome of the brown rabbit – 25 – Simrien
Tome of the brown squirrel – 33 – Aradunir
Tome of the ash frog – x – Undrath
Tome o...

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11th anniversary weekend 20-22 july

On the 20th of July Wisdom of the Valar will have been in existence for 11 years! We’ll celebrate this with the usual Kin Lottery, games night and Kin Auctions. Over the weekend we’ll also have Costume (part of Unified competition) and Screenshot competitions.

  • 20th July – Warsteed Race + Game Night
  • 22nd July – Lottery Draw + Trivia and Keg Race
  • 20th-22nd July – Kin Auctions; find your bargains at an AH near you
  • Costume Contest in Week 4 of Unified competition (20th is Week 2)
  • Screenshot/Caption Contest announced later in the week

To enter the Lottery send an in-game mail with 500s or items in case of f2p to the character ‘Lottovalar’.
Donations for kinnies or Kin Auctions can be send to ‘Quartervalar’ or post them on the weekend of the 20th July at an AH near you.

Any other questions, as...

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April update – Anniversary and events

Spring has started and the spring festival has ended. Next up are the anniversary events, developers letters and our own anniversary.  This means it’s time to party, enjoy the sun and more old-school events on top of our normal activities.  As usual, details follow.

Cap group level 60 starts 18th of april
Lotro 11th year anniversary 19th of april
Kin lottery weekend  27-29 th april
Kinauction weekend 27-29 th april
Anniversary festival support (porting, instances, raids, guides) ongoing.
Warsteed training and racing events

For abyss of modrath T2, we’ll keep on the same path with our allied kins from MSA. Interested? Ask an officer for the channel details.
Unified channel events will also pick up with the anniversary and instance runs getting some much need love.

On a closing note, need...

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Valentine weekend and contests

Welcome to our next weekend of parties, races and contests.

Valentine race
Join us at 20:30 Cet on the 16th of february for a love-filled (warsteed) race. If you’re there during halloween you will know its a themed track that will lead you across some of the loveliest places of Lotro.

Lovely Lottery
During the kin gathering and party on the 17th of february we’ll have the live-drawing of our Lovely lottery. To enter the lottery get your tickets beforehand by sending 500 silver to the character Lottovalar.  During the evening we’ll host games, trivia, music and there is the opportunity to spar, be merry and have a nice time with your kinnies.


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Tales of a halloween party + lottery winners

On a stormy weekend a drunken Elf vineyard occupatant blamed the evil “spirit” and send a group of 6 wanders on a race towards the Nines crossing at Buckleberry ferry. Seeking advice from tom bomabdil send them to see the wandering shade in the barrows. The presence they felt was his family returning to Middle-earth. He asked the riders to warn his oathbreakers aunt near Minchams camp and afterwards make their way to Oathbarton to grab their stealthy ghost pup and make their way to the reunion at the haunted burrow.

For the halloween race 6 racers set out across the ghostly track with Bagofpies coming in 1st place with Simrien 2nd. Closely followed by Burglaris,Penbre and Lerine. Toffeecake joined us later in the race. But was making good ground.

The race was just day 1...

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Halloween party weekend

When Elfs go riding, and black beornings are seen, the moon laughs and whispers ’tis near Halloween.To stave of the upcoming All hallows eve and the return of the wights. Wotv will hold a party weekend the days before halloween. Lots of prizes, fun and events.

Halloween screenshot competition 
Find your “scariest moment in lotro”, “evil costume” and “ominous landscapes” will be these weeks themes. Upload your  to the forum, facebook or another website. Multiple entries are possible, but only 1 screenshot will be considered. Entries are open till the 30th of october.

Halloween lottery drawing and party evening
Sunday the 29th of october wotv will have their evil lottery. Parade your costumes, halloween themed triva and sinister keg race...

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Back to school lottery winners,kin auctions up and Chicken run to TS/school.

No screenshots, but we had a lot of fine winner this saturday.
The 50 gold prizes go to Ardarion, Estenion and Udder. With the 75 gold winners being Heledrian and Kallerthien. The centurions are Simrien Lerine and Lollaia with a fresh 100 gold in their pockets.The top 5 prizes were

  1. Baeserker 500 gold
    1. Simrien  Bonus – Anfalas crystal of rememberance
  2. Shahanori 400 gold
  3. Jespi 300 gold
  4. Lerine 200 gold

The 3 brown, 3 white and 4 red squirrels will find a new home with Throfro, Bearlee,Mampi, kallerthien, Mampi, Jespi, Theordfrid, Turom, Kornak, Simrien.

Dont forget the kin auctions are still up till monday and tonight at 20:30 (pre-quests) 21:00 start time we’ll escort hobbits, chickens towards Elven schools in Eregion...

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