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Wotv and the legendary server

Lots of questions asked, but also lots of questions unanswered still. We’ve settled on creating a “creep” like kin for our kinnies that would like to play with each other on the Legendary server. Kinnies are curious, but also noone has really committed to the server full time. The current officer team is on Evernight and will focus on there. Events will remain to be run on schedule as it’s now.

Launch plan Thursday to weekend
Bearlee will start a kin with (currently) the same name.
Everyone is free to join the kin
Officer/invite position open for all (current members)
Play, quest together with kinnies
All resources available such as website and teamspeak to non-EN kinnies

Unified/everlasting hope
Our allies are also playing on the server with a small detachment...

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Instance speed trials

For all classes, levels and players. The second event in the Instance speed trials – Sambrog, our first 6-man trial.

For more information about the event take a look at the Trial page.

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This week in wotv (40)

Another packed week with a relatively easy box run in north cotton farm. Check kinchat for runs and on Monday for the box intro night.

Tuesday and Thursday are our pvmp nights with creeps first followed by creeps.

Wednesday is old raid night, feeling like a run in the rift, mirkwood or orthanc join us. On Tuesday unified will have a lvl 40-60 instance night.

On Friday a new speed run, Sambrog. Will you set the record? Learn some new tricks? The scenario is tweaked a little to Sambrog solo or duo at 10 levels below your own.

Sunday squirle will host a round of Roving threats.

Msa is doing Some T 2 onotheir normal evenings and times.

Draigoch T2 has been moved to next week by the organiser.

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Sunday Gondor calls for aid Triathlon 20:30 Cet

Next sunday (30 September) we’ll organise a 3-part event. Gondor call for aid. The first part will start at 20:30 Cet. Are you the quickest, agile and flightiest free people to roam middle-earth? Join us for the Minas Tirith Triathlon.

1 Gondor call for aid – Helms deep to Minas Tirith gate (war)steed race
For this classical warsteed race we’ll follow Theodens journey from the gates of Helms Deep to the gate of Minas Tirith. The faster you are the more points and prizes you win.

2 Ride shadowfax! – Can you beat the stablemaster?
Time trial (3 attempts, quickest time counts) From the stables in Minas Tirith we’ll make our way up the ramps of Minas Tirith to the buoy at the highest tier. Are you brave enough to try a warsteed or will you take your trusty goat?

3 The Denethor long-jump – How ...

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Back to school Lottery and kin weekend

It’s september so all the little elfs and hobbits are going back to school. And so are we. In the weekend of 14-16 september we’ll have a host of event for you.

The weekend – Kin auctions – Find a bargain near an AH near you
14 september – Hide and Seek (I don’t want to go) Eregion area 21 Cet
15 september – Kin lottery draw, music and trivia – TBT
16 september – School and/or  Library trials (speedrun)

Kin auction and lottery
During the weekend the kin and members will put up Kinship only auctions for a bargain. Check your local AH during the weekend for cosmetics, craft, scrolls and all sort of items.

Your classical lottery, send 500 silver to the char Lottovalar for a ticket. On the 15th of september during the Kin game night we’ll do /roll(s) X for the tickets sold...

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Tavern crawl (race) Shire 21 Cet

For summer event 5, The Shire tavern crawl @ 21 cet. A new type of event which will test your racing skills as well as your knowledge of an area.

At the start we’ll all gather up at a central place and you will be given a list of items and rough locations of where to find them. You will have 45 minutes to find as many as you can. In the end you’ll be awarded points for the place you finish and points for the correct number of items delivered.

Winner is the one with the most points.

Location – The shire
Time – 21:00 Cet
Game time -45 min
Level range 5-115
Rules, no ports or milestones. Normal and warsteed mounts, swift and slow travel horses allowed.

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Summer event 4 – Argonaths warsteed assault on Barad dur 21 Cet

On 17th of august at 21 Cet the Argonath will retake Barad dur. We’ll have a warsteed race from the argonath statues in Rohan up to the entrance of Barad dur.

Suggested – Access to Mordor and level 110+

Start – Argonath Rohan
Finish – Barad dur

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3rd Summer event, Frozen chickenwings

The 3rd event will be a chicken race to Forochel. We’ll gather at at Sandsons farm at 21 Cet Friday 10th of august.  Intention is to start 5-10 minutes after that. Make sure you have done the pre-quests and Flying the coop – Shire, they take about 15 minutes.

your task is to get to Ja-Reitti in the icy rift but be aware of some robbers on the road to the cold weather!

Race info:

-Race duration: about 45 minutes
-Amount of chicken checkpoints: 2
-Difficulty: medium

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Summer race 2 – Shrooms for dwarfs

The 2nd race of Unified Summer Events (USE) will be a normal mount race. For this race we’ll gather some mushrooms from Farmer Maggot in the Shire. Your goal is to take these to the dwarfs in eastern Malenhad.

Friday 3rd of august @ 21 Cet (race time 25-40 mins)
Maximum speedmount 68 % (if higher you will need to use Smell of the roses)
No speedbuffs (skill or item), ports, other or swift travels allowed.

Advice – Think offroad, race across revamped areas, make sure you have done Vol 1 Book 6.

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11 year warsteed race 11th of may 20:30 Cet

Next friday we’ll host a warsteed race in honour of the 11 year anniversary of lotro. We’ll race across 11 maps going east to west. The start and end-point will be revealed 30 mins before the race starts.

Prizepool 800 gold
Reveal 20 Cet –
Start signal for the race 20:30 cet

No speedbuffs or swift travels
Warsteed, slowtravel horse or normal mount (68% or slower)

It’s 11 maps so it’s not a 30 minute race. Join us for a fun and challenging run.

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