Sunday Gondor calls for aid Triathlon 20:30 Cet

Next sunday (30 September) we’ll organise a 3-part event. Gondor call for aid. The first part will start at 20:30 Cet. Are you the quickest, agile and flightiest free people to roam middle-earth? Join us for the Minas Tirith Triathlon.

1 Gondor call for aid – Helms deep to Minas Tirith gate (war)steed race
For this classical warsteed race we’ll fol...

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Teamspeak details changed

We’ve changed teamspeak providers. You’ll have to change your bookmark or create a new one to connect.

Server –
Password – check ingame or fb

Channels and admin rights will have to be redone. For now we’ve set up a lounge, afk and grouping channels.

If there are any issues contact squirle or adye for help.

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This week in wotv

Revamped, this week in wotv again. With a few more activities and room for “personal ads”. Are you planning an instance ahead of time ; putting aside an hour for some deeds or leveling in a region? Let us know.

Monday – web of the scuttledells box run evening

Tuesday – 20 CET unified T1 draigoch, unlocks arranged before.

20:30-21 CET start of creep...

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U23 beta roundup

Regarding way to heal. Outgoing healing will get a slight buff compared to the not really great boost tactical mastery gives.

I’ll probably try to tweak that so that the healing contribution from OH *(outgoing healing) is somewhat better and the contribution for Tac is not quite a good.

Don’t mind tac providing a boost to hps, but I’d prefer that i...

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Summer race 2 – Shrooms for dwarfs

The 2nd race of Unified Summer Events (USE) will be a normal mount race. For this race we’ll gather some mushrooms from Farmer Maggot in the Shire. Your goal is to take these to the dwarfs in eastern Malenhad.

Friday 3rd of august @ 21 Cet (race time 25-40 mins)
Maximum speedmount 68 % (if higher you will need to use Smell of the roses)
No speedbuf...

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New unified mixed competition

A new competition with a mix of warsteed, chicken and 2 suprise events will start on Fridays.

We’ll hold race 0 tonight tonight at 21 CET. Midsummer madness will go south from the summoning horn and will follow the classic warsteed rules.


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11 year warsteed race 11th of may 20:30 Cet

Next friday we’ll host a warsteed race in honour of the 11 year anniversary of lotro. We’ll race across 11 maps going east to west. The start and end-point will be revealed 30 mins before the race starts.

Prizepool 800 gold
Reveal 20 Cet –
Start signal for the race 20:30 cet

No speedbuffs or swift travels
Warsteed, slowtravel horse or n...

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April update – Anniversary and events

Spring has started and the spring festival has ended. Next up are the anniversary events, developers letters and our own anniversary.  This means it’s time to party, enjoy the sun and more old-school events on top of our normal activities.  As usual, details follow.

Cap group level 60 starts 18th of april
Lotro 11th year anniversary 19th of april

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