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Weekend events and officers

This weekend is the lottery and games night. This will start at around 20:30 Cet on the kin island. The (war)steed race will be themed around the Gaunt-lord-let. It will feature a race from The barrow downns to Stoneheight to the Lost temple where and will start around 21 cet.

This weekend we’ll also welcome a new officer to the group Olaphyra. Longstanding member that is always up to help people.

A few officers have decided for personal reasons or playing a different game or that they can’t be online in lotro (on Evernight) as much as they did before. We’d like to thank them for the time they help us and the kin out. They will remain members and we’d always welcome them back.

At the moment we’re still looking for an officer that could help us out during the daytime and/or weekend...

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Halloween week and activities

For this weeks planned activites we’ll have

  • monday Angmar night (carn dum + Rift) 20 Cet – ..
  • tuesday, Unified Helegrod 115-120 20 cet – ….
  • wednesday, Pvmp 21 cet
  • Friday, ghostly (war)steed race 21 cet
  • Sunday, Lottery and games night
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Halloween encore lottery and kin auctions 1/2 dec

On the weekend of the 1 and 2 december we’ll hold our belated halloween special. Our regular kin auctions, lottery and gamenight will be in a halloween spirit with the  Halloween encore on their way.

30th of november – Ghostly (war)steed race
A halloween themed race across Middle-earth. Grab your horse and race your kinnies for prizes and glory.

weekend – kin auctions,
Grab a bargain, help kinnies out with the kin auctions and grabs some free bag space at the same time

2nd of december – Kin lottery and games night
For 500 silver in a mail to Lottovalar you will get a ticket. One ticket per member which on the evening we’ll hold a raffle for gold, items and all sort of prizes. During the evening we’ll also do trivia games, barrel races and other events.

Check your lottery entry on the foru...

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Instance speed trials

For all classes, levels and players. The second event in the Instance speed trials – Sambrog, our first 6-man trial.

For more information about the event take a look at the Trial page.

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Sunday Gondor calls for aid Triathlon 20:30 Cet

Next sunday (30 September) we’ll organise a 3-part event. Gondor call for aid. The first part will start at 20:30 Cet. Are you the quickest, agile and flightiest free people to roam middle-earth? Join us for the Minas Tirith Triathlon.

1 Gondor call for aid – Helms deep to Minas Tirith gate (war)steed race
For this classical warsteed race we’ll follow Theodens journey from the gates of Helms Deep to the gate of Minas Tirith. The faster you are the more points and prizes you win.

2 Ride shadowfax! – Can you beat the stablemaster?
Time trial (3 attempts, quickest time counts) From the stables in Minas Tirith we’ll make our way up the ramps of Minas Tirith to the buoy at the highest tier. Are you brave enough to try a warsteed or will you take your trusty goat?

3 The Denethor long-jump – How ...

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Teamspeak details changed

We’ve changed teamspeak providers. You’ll have to change your bookmark or create a new one to connect.

Server –
Password – check ingame or fb

Channels and admin rights will have to be redone. For now we’ve set up a lounge, afk and grouping channels.

If there are any issues contact squirle or adye for help.

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This week in wotv

Revamped, this week in wotv again. With a few more activities and room for “personal ads”. Are you planning an instance ahead of time ; putting aside an hour for some deeds or leveling in a region? Let us know.

Monday – web of the scuttledells box run evening

Tuesday – 20 CET unified T1 draigoch, unlocks arranged before.

20:30-21 CET start of creepnight, Beargash will start after draigoch or 21 CET

Wednesday – open

Thursday – creepnight 20:30 CET

Sunday – Gondor calls for liveaid – race triathlon

Personal ads

Bearlee has arrived in Dunland for his deeds and quests. Are you questing in Dunland, give a shout.


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Update 23, end game loot and lootboxes

For the forum post check,

Or check our write-up over at lotroplayers.

[CC] End game loot, lootbox in U23 and beyond redux

1. There should be no gear in lootboxes that you don’t have a chance to acquire by playing the game. If gear is in a lootbox, it should also appear on a game vendor or as a reward for content within a short period of time.

2. On the day that new content is released, players should not be able to get the brand-new gear with end game currency or Store purchases. The initial rush of gear needs to come from playing the new content and getting rewards for completing it. As such, the vendors for gear and lootboxes will not appear until a few weeks after that content is released...

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U23 beta roundup

Regarding way to heal. Outgoing healing will get a slight buff compared to the not really great boost tactical mastery gives.

I’ll probably try to tweak that so that the healing contribution from OH *(outgoing healing) is somewhat better and the contribution for Tac is not quite a good.

Don’t mind tac providing a boost to hps, but I’d prefer that it remain the secondary source, with actual OH rating being the primary source. In terms of OVERALL hps, I don’t really intend any significant change either way. I was figuring it would probably go up a little relative to player vitality at cap, but not much.

So I’ll be taking a look at this.


(unintended) creep boost here to stay?

Overall, all of the changes you’re seeing in PvMP are related to the balance work Vastin is doing, both in Mas...

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Summer race 2 – Shrooms for dwarfs

The 2nd race of Unified Summer Events (USE) will be a normal mount race. For this race we’ll gather some mushrooms from Farmer Maggot in the Shire. Your goal is to take these to the dwarfs in eastern Malenhad.

Friday 3rd of august @ 21 Cet (race time 25-40 mins)
Maximum speedmount 68 % (if higher you will need to use Smell of the roses)
No speedbuffs (skill or item), ports, other or swift travels allowed.

Advice – Think offroad, race across revamped areas, make sure you have done Vol 1 Book 6.

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