10-10 cosmetic LI skirmish raid day

For the 10-10 we’ll run a mix of skirmish raids for a bunch of reasons. Fun ofc, but also grab your seals and kill swathes of enemies to grab a ton of third age legendary weapons for the 13th LI revamp launch. In addition come in your most “skirmishy” outfit and show off your warrior-face.

Time: First set of skirmishes 15:00 to 17:00 Cest. Second set 20:00 to 22:00 Cest

Cosmetic contest

During the runs take a screenshot of your outfit or post it and let squirle know with a link or ingame message. Voting will be up on monday to sunday.

LI farm for LI revamp launch

It will be (very) beneficial to fill every legendary item slot if you can. Come and farm, trade, and fill these slots. Dont forget to take them off your filter beforehand.

Why? You’ll receive Ancient scripts from them after 13 october. This is one of the main currencies for the new LI’s. Grabbing a few extra will allow you to make more items, better quality then you could do before. Also less effort afterward.

Warning: the item itself isn’t enough you will also need to have the item xp to level them before the 13th. More is better ofcourse, but grabbing 5000 extra would be nice boost. I’m going for just third ages leveled to 60 across alts.

Chicken event

The chicken runs around Eriador are finished. So it’s time to venture further out. WoTV is hosting 3 chicken events for all to join.

Thursday 20:30 Cest Chickenrace to Suri-Kala. Which chicken is the bravest or will survive the journey to Suri-Kala without protection? A free-for-all chicken race to the top of Forochel.

Thursday 9-9 20:30 Cest The 2nd 9-9 Evernight chickenraid. It’s time to take revenge on those shrews and men of Bree. Come join the raid on The shire and Caindaith. For reference https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTOUpJYAcdI

Sunday 12-9 20:00 Cest Guarded Chicken run to Minas Tirith for the title of Lord of the Wings.

For all events: Make sure you’ve done the prequests before the event about 15 minutes for the first two. For Minas Tirith the whole quest chain (multiple hours) https://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Quest:Flying_the_Coop

Chicken mondays

In advance for the 9-9 Chickenraid and Minas Tirith Chicken run we’ll organise 3 mondays of Eriador Chicken runs. This will unlock the free range chicken which you’ll need for Minas Tirith. On thursday 9-9 we’ll host the 2nd iteration of the Evernight Chickenraid.

Monday 2nd of August 20:30- Chicken session play unlock + Shire and Lonelands + Ered Luin
Monday 9th of August 20:30 – Trollshaws and Evendim
Monday 16th of August 20:30 – Bree and North Downs
Monday 23rd/30th – Reserve day for missed or failed eriador chicken run
Thursday 9-9 – Chicken raid, stay tuned
Sunday 12-9 – Minas Tirith Chicken run, stay tuned

14th Anniversary weekend 16-20th July

On the 20th of july the kin exists for 14 years. We’ll celebrate this with a few social events and the infamous kin lottery.

16th July 20:30 Cet – Wrong trait-line Remorchant – Sign up on discord and for details
18th July 20:30 Cet – Kin party and Egghunt Hide and Seek – See Group and event Discord
16 to 20th July – Kin auctions
20th July 20:30 Cet Lottery entries closed. Followed by standard Creepnight
21st July Naked raiding

For 500 silver send to Lottovalar you can get 1 ticket per member. This will get you a number assigned. After the 20th we’ll do a /roll xx to determine the winners of the prizes.

Kin auction
During the weekend and monday you’ll find a lot of bargains on the Auction hall. Everyone is free to put on items or bid on them. However theses are meant for personal use not for profit/resale.

Pubquiz 29-5 + lottery

On the 29th of May Saturdayat 20:30 Cet We’ll host a Pubquiz by quizmaster Chas. This will consist of 5 rounds of questions each one around 10-15 minutes. Come and join us and challenge your kinnies @ the prancing pony.

Entry – Solo (small team possible) send a PM or tell to Chas beforehand if possible
Rounds – Question, picture and scavenger hunt
Where – Ingame in fellowship, answers through Tell ingame. 1 round will use discord/website.

Kin mini-weekend/lottery

Over the weekend we’ll have a Kin-Ah weekend and the lottery will be open. Send 500 silver per member to Lottovalar to enter. On sunday evening we’ll have a Treasure hunt night, but the lottery draw will be done offline this time.

The 8-4-21 size warsteedrace

Tuesdays route for will take us from the Hobbits in the Vales (summons available). You’ll have to visit the Dwarfs in Skarhald and the elves in Felegoth, You”ll have to visit the top of Skarhald ( highest area with all the Balistas) and Thraduil inside Felegoth. Which way you go first is up to you. The finish line will be back at Lyndelby (no summons available).

The normal rules apply such as speedboost or death. One extra rule. Can’t use the winecellar door in Felegoth.

Kin weekend April 16-18th

The time for the Lottery, kinparty and a warsteed race has come again.

Lottery – Sunday 18th
To enter the lottery send 500 silver to Lottovalar ingame. You’ll receive a numbre you can check out on https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1aVj53yF2z2MAD2TXgAM5BPblUyqMgxzZZuJqtPnigWs/edit?usp=sharing

The lottery draw itself will be on the kin party.

Kin party 18th 20:30 Cet
Lottery draw and the usual trivia and games. Place to be decided later.

Warsteed race Low High Low
This warsteed race will be on Tuesday the 13th @ 20:30. We’ll visit some hobbits, dwarfs and elfs in a region previously not run. Level 115+ is suggested. The race is about 30-45 min long.

Kinhouse overhaul
We’ll be redoing the kinhouse layout. Over time stuff has been planted in any empty spot. We’ll make a list of current items, spots and themes. Any suggestions are always welcome. Seperate discord channel will be make for this.

Kin auction weekend
During the weekend, Quartervalar and friends will visit the kin AH again. Put on plenty of items for cheap. Everyone is welcome to contribute to the pages of bargains.

Easter egg scavenger hunt 20:30 Cet 4-4

Who: All level 20+
When: 4th of April at 20:30 Cet
Where: Gather at the Bree Boar fountain

What: All across eriador Illuvabunny has hidden little lotro eggheads waiting to found. A lotro scavenger hunt a misschiveous looking guy that just looks like he has taken your eggs. Over a little time clues will be sprinkled that will narrow it’s location down.

Duration: 10 mins per round, 4 characters hidden + some reserve if people want more eggs.

Last spot found

Warsteed race 4-3-21 Go 20:30 Cet

Route and pointers

The objective is to get from Mordor Viznaks camp (summon available)

From here you’ll have to make your way to Echad Dunnan

The objective is to do this as fast as possible without taking the same route twice or crossing the same place twice. The rest of your route is up to you.

1 pointer and warning, Going through After battle osgilgath will trap you in Pelenor fields. Litte tip is to follow the southern route and use the boattravel near Lossarnach/South Ithilien

Prizepool will be 4321 gold and an assortment of items.

Expected racing time is 2 hours so get your saddle padded.

Rules are straightforward. First to get back is the winner.

  • Warsteeds, normal mounts and slow travels are allowed. Ports, swift travel, deaths or other retreat skills will disqualify you.
  • No backtracking on landscape (For example Shire to Bree would mean you’d have to ride through ND,Evendim back)
  • However we’d like to keep a level playing field.
  • Advantages not available to all arn’t not allowed. This includes mount speed-consumables, skills such as Safe fall, Desperate flight etc will be ground for disqualify.