Back to school Lottery and kin weekend

It’s september so all the little elfs and hobbits are going back to school. And so are we. In the weekend of 14-16 september we’ll have a host of event for you.

The weekend – Kin auctions – Find a bargain near an AH near you
14 september – Hide and Seek (I don’t want to go) Eregion area 21 Cet
15 september – Kin lottery draw, music and trivia – TBT
16 september – School and/orĀ  Library trials (speedrun)

Kin auction and lottery
During the weekend the kin and members will put up Kinship only auctions for a bargain. Check your local AH during the weekend for cosmetics, craft, scrolls and all sort of items.

Your classical lottery, send 500 silver to the char Lottovalar for a ticket. On the 15th of september during the Kin game night we’ll do /roll(s) X for the tickets sold. Is it yours? Congratulations and run to your mailbox for your prize.

Hide and seek – I don’t want to go to school
Around 21 Cet we’ll have several Hide and seek events around the Eregion area. The group will split in hiders and seekers. Hiders will get a few minutes to hide while the seekers hone their skills. After that they will unlease themselves to find the Hiders. The longer you manage to stay hidden the more points you get. The more you find, the more points you get.

After 15 minutes or all have been found we’ll head over to the next area (3-4 in mind). In the end the best hide/seekers will win some prizes.

School and library trials (speed run)
It’s time to head to school. A new event, an instance trial. Will you manage to finish the instance the quickest? Will you go for that extra pull and risk death? Categories will be determined depending on signup. But will work in level range and/or party size. Level 50 solo, Level 115 full group or level 75 duo for example. Want to participate? Let us know.

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