Instance speed trials

Can you beat your own and other scores in the Instance speed trials?

What is an Instance speed trial?
In it purest form it’s a race to kill the boss of instance the quickest. This can be done on any class, level or tactic.

Everyone is welcome to join on any class they’d like. From experience we learned that any level can join and setting the scenario to 10 levels below the players level is the best mix of difficulty and speed. Any more and people can’t complete it and lower then 10 makes it more of race with the most speed boosts.

When, what and where?
Each event has the “scenario” set out a week before. You can practice, tweak and discuss tactics with each other and your teammates. When the event starts everyone will get the same number of tries to set their own best time.

Gather in raid or fellowship, after the go-shot the group will be disbanded and the timer starts. Each player or team starts their instance in scenario mode. When the target boss is dead you will send a tell to the scorekeeper and leave the instance for a reinvite (re-invite will confirm your time of the tell).

From our previous events we learned more about our class, and gotten better while tweaking our own trait trees. Learn to time our cooldowns. Try to best your own time, compare to other with the same class or even become the number 1.

Example Library of Tham Mirdraim
On our first event we started with the minimum level 50. Resulting in nearly everyone within 30 seconds of each other. At level 105 for the 115’s and 85 for the 95’s it became a race easy to do and hard to master. Guardians mixed up their red and blue builds to get that extra bit of single target for the boss and enough aoe for the adds. Hunters and champs needed to max their aoe skills while making sure to keep moving to make up time. What is better, saving your cooldown for the stun-boss or fighting the disarm from the normal mobs.

In the end everyone was a winner. Trying to squeeze out those extra few seconds to get a better score and even trying out skill you normally never use.

Scorekeeper – Library of Tham Midram

Scorekeeper – Sambrog 115

champ lm guard hunter
Olaphyra 5:12
Easymoney 9:00
Lothrodir 5:30 9:55
Squirle 7:25 8:21