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    Hi! Just joined the kin today.

    Brief introduction: I’ve been playing MMOs since 2005, started in Lotro on Snowbourn in 2007. Played waaaaaaaaaaaay more hours than I should have up until about a year after trait trees were introduced as I struggled with them, being a utility player for preference. Since then, I’ve played a little Lotro on and off interspersed with GW2. Figured a new toon from scratch would be a good idea (don’t ask, I’m not sure of my logic either!) so Taffiriel the High Elf hunter is born…



    Welcome to the kin.

    If you want to play with trait trees. A community member has made an offline planner. Not sure if everything is up to date for class change from the last 6 months. But it has plenty of builds to look up.




    Thanks for the link but it wasn’t the use of trait trees so much as the outrage that I could no longer (as a utility/support) use all my skills, and I missed that. I still miss it – the ability to turn a losing fight around by using those skills. I dislike being forced into pathways, although now there are more class points, it does get easier to delve a little deeper into the other pathways as well I guess.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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