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    All deed locations (spoiler ofc) https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?666186-Dwarf-holds-Deeds&s=ebfdad406185b2274dacf7599ce61375
    Stock up on rested xp and or quests. Only 15/25 million xp given by landscape quests.

    Ered mithrin is reached by a road south of Raven hill

    Perilous drop/grappling hooks is bugged atm.

    There are 3 types of instances 118+ and they are called the same – for example

    1. Glimmerdeep – solo/quest mode
    2. Glimmerdeep – Resource instance solo or duo + scourges inside
    3. Glimmerdeep – Normal instance 3-man tier 1/2

    Cos doesnt drop legendary weapon upgrade crystals/scrolls anymore

    Nain is up 2 ramps in the north part of Jammerfest

    Dwarf of the grey mountain rep questing will not get you kindred. Kindred is needed for recipes.

    Creeps are the rulers of the ettenmoors. Looking for some quick renown. Safe questing now.

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