Wisdom of the Valar is a long standing rank 10 kinship on Evernight (formerly Snowbourn). Since our inauguration on 20th July 2007 we’ve established ourselves as one of the premier social kinships of Lord of the Rings Online, engaging with content, kin members and the LOTRO community to assist new players as they begin their journeys in Middle Earth and provide end-game raid experience to seasoned veterans.

Welcome to our Website

Welcome to the recruitment section of Wisdom of the Valar.  Below you’ll find all the information you need to make first contact – who we are, what we do and what we can do for you in Middle Earth!

Browse the site, leave us a note or contact us through other social media channels. Alternatively, contact an Officer of the kin – Bearlee, Adye or Jarolas – in game.

The Kinship

Mae govannen!

Our kin and community welcomes all types and class of player & you’ll enjoy our kin island, instances, raids and social events. After 10 successful years in game we can help with most things you need and it will be a pleasure to have you join us.

Just settle in, explore the kinship and get to know us and your kin fellows.

Activities & Events

Wisdom of the Valar hosts a wide range of activities centred around a weekly events schedule  which any Officer can assist you with. In addition to scheduled daily events you are also welcome to join us for chicken runs, kin lotteries, trivia evenings, sparring tournaments and music nights.

Naturally, we also run the instances, quest groups, deed nights and festival events that you’d expect, for all levels 15 to 105.  Wisdom of the Valar is also a proud member of the Unified kin activity alliance, providing a shared membership for more challenging content and a seat at the overflowing tables of the Hakuna Matata food shop!

Social Media

In addition to this site Wisdom of the Valar is also an active part of the wider LOTRO community outside of the game. 
Use our Facebook group for instant updates and to keep in contact with kinnies: WotV on Facebook
Our Twitter feed @wotv_LOTRO is there for your daily news and tips:  WotV on Twitter
The Unified calendar and information page provides details of our alliance activities: Unified Alliance
Something you don’t know? LOTRO Wiki probably does: LOTRO Wiki