Info & Guidelines

Kin Goals
Wisdom of the Valar was founded 10 years ago on July the 20th in 2007 on Snowbourn and transferred to Evernight in 2016. Across the years we are a kinship focused on providing a community for all players of LOTRO by helping members, organising instances, events and raids accessible for everyone. We strive to be an open community for all ages and player types. Rule light, but public chat and behaviour reflecting our kin values.

Current officer team + event contact
Bearlee, Squirle – Cap group, FI intro night, Unified contact, Website – Evenings and weekends
Jarolas, Jaralorien – Creepnight, Twitter – Evenings and weekends
Adye, Criseya  – Freepnight, Request night – Daytime and Evenings
Bravery – RaidLeader – Evenings and Weekends

Drowsi, Fingolfid – afk due to irl
Elvirado – Previous Leader, facebookgroup

Officer positions
Currently we’re looking for 1 or 2 extra kinnies that could help us help kinnies. Want to help us for a day, few hours a week or a beacon of light for question from kinnies. Let us know or if you have questions.

  • All round officer – daytime EU – Questions, alt invites, recruitment as needed.
  • All round officer – Night EU/US evening – Questions, alt invites, recruitment as needed.
  • Organise/event – * – Want to help, organise a new regular event or backup for a current event?

Aim of the kin is to have an officer available to contact during EU daytime and evenings. And a wide range of events and activities during the evenings besides the normal instances, and runs. Ideally this means 2 contacts 3-4 allround and 2-3 organiser spread out across 5 officers. Want to help with one or 2 of these parts contact Bearlee or Jarolas.

We’re open to all kind of players. New, returning or old members are all welcome.
Being an open kin we keep the kinchat and forum PG rated an ask members to keep this in mind.
We currently don’t have a limit on the number of alts in the kin.
New members or alts can contact one of the current officers in-game or through other means for an invite.

New recruit to member – Character online mulitple times, good behaviour, . Usually 24-48 hours after joining.
New alt to member – Playernote describing connetion to other member. Alt of .. – name main or name, otherwise follow recruit to member
Member to officer – After contact with current officer team and open position see Officer position.

Member to recruit – When a character is offline for more then 120 days
Officer to member – On request of said officer or incase of known absence (1 officer for temporary afk)
Official warning – A demotion can given to a member after discussion among officers due to behaviour. Case by case evaluation

Removal or discharge
On rare occasion if a persons behaviour can warrant a removal from the kin. We strive to talk with this person and come to an agreement. This step is not taken lightly.

AFK cleanup , Old leader – Aka update playernotes
The kin has a limit of 1500 characters slots available and sometimes we’ve to clean up the kin roster by removing old character that have been offline the longest. This is why player notes are also important.


  1. Offline the longest
    1. Small alts,level 10 craft char, chars without playernote level < 50
    2. Alts with a known main
  2. If there is a large gap to the next offline character
    1. Character without a playernote
  3. Previous leaders alts – Current rule is that old leaders keep a character in the kin as a recognition for previous work. Main as officer.
  4. Unforeseen events