June kin activities


  • 6-6 Warsteed race
  • Tortoise head to Annuminas (35/40)
  • Friday T2 Hiddenhoard

Lotro will start it’s Midsummer festival on the 16th of June. We’ll organise a Chicken run to Minas Tirith later in the month. Just need to figure out a pre-quest day and date.

Regular runs

Our regular runs continue with

  • Monday – Weekly/random run
  • Tuesday – Ettenmoors, still laggy. But occasionally you get to use a skill.
  • Wednesday – Tortoise group (see channel on discord for that weeks plans
  • Thursday – Reset day
  • Friday – Toffee raid – Currently Hiddenhoard T2
  • Sunday – Squirle older raid/group night aka requestnight


15th Kin anniversary July
Level 130 help Toffee get deed runs
Quiznight part 3

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  • Hello, sorry I couldn’t workout were to post this, so I’m popping it here In the hopes you see it. I’m not online at the moment as my computer very rudely decided to break, I’ve got a new part on order and as soon as it back up and running I’ll see you lot in game 🙂

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