Light of Erendil

For Mordor landscape, instances and Howling Ford you’ll need x amount of Light of Erendil. This can be gotten while questing in said areas, but this page will focus on the sources if you want to go back to the area or raid.

What it does

If an area gives you a “shadow of mordor” debuff you counteract that with light of Erendil. For every 10 “shadow” remaining you take 5% more damage and do 10% less healing and damage. The higher you outpace the level you can get away with some debuff but the loss of damage outweighs the loss of armour.

Light needed and sources


  • Landscape – 0 to 90
  • Level 105-115 instances tier 1 – 150
  • Level 105-115 instances Tier 2 – 200


  • Level 116 to 120 each gives you 20 light of erendil
  • Armour or jewelry base stat
  • Essences

Slow but steady
You can run Court of Seregrost at level 105 and use the armour for a quick boost. Usually 12 light per piece. Locks, but free

Barter vendors for gear

Udun, left one for Good teals and essences, right for cheap purple gear

Cheapest option is to go with full purple gear and no essences. This will only cost you about 600 motes, but will cost you 12 gear slots. Not recommended for instances.

You could go with raid sets, but the best way to go about it is to go with 2 or 3 slots. Filled up with essences

Necklace and pocket item teal will cost 660 motes with the purples going for 220. But contain fewer slots.
1500, 850 and 350 motes per essence

Essences can also be crafted. They won’t require motes, but will run you some universal solvents and other materials.

Suggested combination

A teal pocket item with 2* 16 LoE, a teal necklace with 2* 16 LoE and a 3rd/4th item will set you back about 2000 motes which is reasonably achieved with a character level 120+.

Optimal combination

Teal pocket item with 2* 20 LoE and a necklace with 2* 20 LoE. And level 120+ will set you to nearly 200 LoE total. Enough for nearly everything. A 3rd item or bracelet from Thrang Summer instance to get it up to 220-230 for Tier 2 and above with no debuffs.

Luxury set for 218 LoE