Epic battles

A reference guide from our kin for new big battlers to the more experienced. A quick readup for usual acronyms, general action plan and quick hints and tips. With links to each big battles sidequests and detailed guides at the bottom.

BB Big battle (epic battle)
Shift + B Big battle panel
BP/PPPromotion points,
skill points for your BB trait lines
MQ/SQMain or side quests
EFEpic foe, a type of sidequest which focusses on 1 boss

What is a big battle and for who are they?

A followup to the skirmishes in lotro where you participate in some of the most epic or biggest battles in lotro. The assault on Helms deep, retaking Pelagrir or the defence of Minas Tirith are 8 instance in which you help the Free people in these places.

Why do(n’t) a big battle?

For everyone

Every level has access to all the big battles. You will get scaled up or down to level 100. And you will get some of the best jewelry pieces you can get in the game for free.

The scaling depends on how above par your gear is. Without getting too technical the lower level or badly geared you are the harder it will be for you

Every type or size

There is something for every group size (and level) solo, duo, 3 man, 6 man and even a raid. Each instance has its own flavour and variations. Helms deep is all about your promotion points while Minas tirith is mostly about your character.

You need to have promotion points to do good, but you need to do good for points. Solo is never a good option for the new guy. And some groups will expect you to know everything.

Where to start with the big battles?

  1. Try to find a partner for the big battles. Solo is nearly impossible if you’re just starting.
    1. Ask a kinnie or someone in /world
    2. It’s possible to afk some big battles if you want
  2. Start of with a duo or 6 man pelagrir. Freely available and you will get enough points to get rank 1 usually
  3. Spend points in Engineer. Forget about vanguard or commander until you’re more familiar with the big battles.
  4. Minas tirith are longer and more complex, but are closer to your normal questing and instances. Helms deep gets a lot easier once you get rank 1, 3 or 5 engineer (with you)
  5. Forget to do perfect on your first runs and avoid the word “platinum run”.

Things to keep in mind about big battles

  • You need to unlock the group big battles by doing the earlier duo version.
  • Duo Helms deep before Fellowship Helms deep
  • Every followup stage in Helms deep by doing the one before. Same with Minas Tirith
  • Duo glittering caves, deepening wall Defence of minas tirith or hammer of the underworld before the group version.
  • You only get 0 to 5 PP’s for the best you ever did on that specific quest.
  • All quests are dailies. Once you done that quest that day in each BB that’s it for that character.

Quick tips

  • Never do a solo if you’re not familiar with that instance
  • Ask before you do. Upgrading or moving gear  isn’t always appreciated by your partner.
  • The lines of mobs down the ramps or battlements are a timer for the sidequests. You can slow or accelerate them if needed (see point 2).
  • Watch out with big battles if you’re under geared especially around level 85 or 105.
  • Looking for points? Shift B shows you what medals you already have done. Getting a 2nd platinum wont get you more points for that quest.
  • Looking for points? Duo and 3+ group have different quests aka points to unlock.
  • You can get more then 200 points these days (unlocked after most guides are made)
  • Looking for rewards? Pelagir, pelagrir and pelagrir. Most quests in the shortest amount of time.
  • Looking for more rewards today? Minas tirith, 6-man helms deep and then the rest.
  • Order in the chaos. The same as skirmishes. Each big battle follows a script that varies on very specific moments. See the detailed guides for them.
  • Ever since the revamp in U23 epic foes and their debuffs hurt. You might die. Retreat and quickly run back.

Guides to each instance and sidequests

Lotro wiki Defence of Rohan

Helm’s DikeSolo/Duo, Fellowship (Six)
The Deeping WallSolo/Duo, Raid (Twelve)
The Deeping-coombSolo/Duo
The Glittering CavesSolo/Duo, Small Fellowship (Three)
The HornburgSolo/Duo

War for Gondor

Retaking PelargirSolo/Duo, Fellowship (Six)
Defence of Minas TirithSolo/Duo, Small Fellowship (Three)
Hammer of the UnderworldSolo/Duo, Fellowship (Six)

Detailed guides for each seperate big battle

Every part of generic BB info detailed. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?530598-Battle-For-Helm-s-Deep-A-General-Guide

Detailed guide for each Helms Deep big battle

Guide to the Deepening wall raid