Roving threats and routes

Roving threat routes optimized for speed and discovery

Locations and maps clearly done by Department of strategery

  • Red routes for the main group
  • Blue routes for scouting ahead or seperate from the main group
  • Dotted lines – Ports or stablemasters

Routes can be adjusted depending on the group composition. Captains and hunters for ports
Guardian make excellent scouts due to acorn summoning
Keep in mind the number of RT in an area. If you got 1 remote spot and 5 more locations. Can skip it incase of no scouts.
Wait for each other and scouts. Respawns take longer then the wait time.
Mirkwood is a pain.
Central gondor areas each have 3 RT, but long distances and reputation gates
Angmar, forochel and Misty mountain/North downs/Evendim  kills + deed is enough for a first age
Only some quests can be shared