March activities

Tortoise/slow leveling group
This week and wednesdays we’ll start a slow leveling group. Bring a new or existing character in the level range and come do some instances, deed, quests and other grouping See #Tortoise-group on discord for details or Bearlee.

Monday Gundabad (gear)
Monday evening for Gundabad 3 and 6-mans. Gear for (new) 140, alts or your weekly. House of rest T2 up next.

Friday raidnight
After two Tier 1 clears we’ll add Boss 1 tier 2. Add other bosses or perhaps a Tier 3 Boss 1 depending on interest, results and signups. We’ll skip Tier 4/5 challenger titles.

“Classes needed in the kin?”
Gotten the question a few times. The class you like to play and are good at or want to get better at. But in general, For 3 and 6-man’s Tank, heal and loremaster. It takes a lot of time to get one ready, if you need a hand just give a shout.

Other highlights and reminders
Tuesday Creepnights continue to run, new to Ettenmoors or want to slay some hobbits. Tuesday 20:30 Cet.
Lottery and kin weekend planned for 2-3 april. Details follow this week.
Characters in raiding kins. Some kinnies have taken 1 or more characters to different kins to participate in more regular T2+ raids etc. They are still welcome and kinnies. It’s just a matter of preferred playstyles that they can’t find (enough of) in Wisdom. I don’t want ill-speaking or other nasty messages from people about it.

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