March (moria) madness

March is just a few days away and with it might come a slight bit of madness. A kinparty with a stocked kin auction, lottery and prizes for all members. And a new round of Unified events on Friday evenings. For more details on each happening keep an eye out on FB, Discord or Motd for updates to the March madness page.

Kin party

(Tentative date, 16/17 march), A party at the kin island with the lottery, quiz and music. The same as you have learned to expect from us, but slightly larger and better.

Unified events

Returning are the classic friday unified events with a classic Moria warsteed race, a dwarf-themed normal mount, a fishing competition and a scavenger hunt in a suprise area. A chicken event will be around (as part of or another day) for all our feathery travellers.

Moria month

Moria is coming to the legendary server, but without any new challenges announced so far. It’s not likely we’ll revive our Anor-side kin to the same level of activty as with the launch of it.

However, a reboot of the capgroup or a few special moria themed evenings are standing by. But we’ll have to wait on details of SSG.

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