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Back to school party and Lottery

On the 28th and 29th of october its a wotv party weekend again. For all highlights and info look at our plans
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  • Project “I got 99 instances, but that dragon only counts as 1”

    Over the next few weeks i’m going to run the entire Instance finder list. All 99 and Survival of barrow downs to record them for an article series and for the kin youtube channel. Ofcourse this is more fun with kinnies. And even better if it does double purpose. Want to run an instance? Got a special deed in one? Let me know cause i’m going there anyways. Last night we did Dragnagh unleashed, fangorns edge, pits of isengard, foundry instances and the 6-man version of the pelagrir big battle. A quick tour of stoneheight and all Mordor resource instances. […]

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