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Another week has passed and we’re on monday already. So here are this weeks plans

Monday – Moria group and box run Sword halls. Get all your emp scrolls for mordor
Tuesday – Creepnight 20 Cet
Wednesday – Freepnight 20:30 Cet
Thursday – Requestnight/deed night
Friday – Chicken race 2 – Time unnknown, 19,5 – 20 Cet probably
Saturday – Moria group 20 Cet – Beta 2?

If you’re playing on bullroarer and looking for a familiar face. Check out the Mordor channel on teamspeak.

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On monday we’ll have a new box run with Seat of the great goblin and a small outing for the moria cap group.
Tuesday we’ll go creeping in the ettenmoors around 20 Cet.
Wednesday we’ll fight back around 20:30 Cet on our freeps.
Thursday its request night in wotv and Throne in Unified.
Friday (tentative) chicken race in unified and (tentative beta #1 Mordor)
Saturday Cap group
Sunday – open

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We’re currently changing the layout of the website to make the frontpage more of a 1-stop-spot for all your information. Create a better overview for the different visitors and users we get on the website.

For new members or guests. The front page will view information about what the kin is and what we do. Links to news, recruitment and overview pages.
For members that come to the website with a specific goal in mind. New menu options that will take you straight towards your goal. Think of news, events, calendar.
For members that occasionally visit the website. Biggest news on the frontpage, latest posts in the news section and upcoming events in the sidebar.
For members frequently active on the website and want to quickly see if there is new post or information since their last visit. New posts on the website, forum. More a kin to our old website.

Until that time that this is all done. The menu will take you to the places you’d like to visit.

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Inspired by Glorenval and cyncliff posting some essences on the kin ah. More people have put essences on the auction hall. Looking for a cheap new outfit or missing some? Check out the kin auctions this weekend at your local auction hall.

If only the temperature dropped as fast as these sales. Welcome to add your own and help a fellow kinnies alt or fresh 100/105.

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  • Monday
    • Featured intro night – Flight to the lonely mountain
    • Cap group level 60 (extra)
      Level, skirmish, FT, etc
  • Tuesday
    • Creep night starts 20 Cet
  • Wednesday
    • Freepnight starts between 20-21 Cet
  • Thursday
    • Request night
    • Anniversary year 7 released
    • EH Throne tier 1
  • Friday
    • Unified event night 21 Cet Warsteed and normal mount race
      The East Road: Your task is to start at the throne in Thorin’s Hall and go all the way to the entrance of the House of Elrond in Rivendell.
  • Saturday
    • Cap group level 60 main evening
      Level 56+ ? Instances?
  • Sunday
    • Large event, raid, request night
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Request night and Freep night will switch evenings. Attendance on our side has been ok-ish. But the action in the ettenmoors on a thursday has been lobsided towards the creeps. So for the next few weeks we’re going to try organised Freepnight at wednesdays. While we’re shuffling up our cards we’ve redone the calendar a bit in general. Got any suggestions, requests or complaints let us know.  See below a short list of the regular nights or visit Wisdom of the valar calendar or  Unified calendar/ (more…)

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Cap group to 60, would you like to do throne raid, would you like to extra ettenmoors?
That’s basically what we’d like to know. We’re always looking for new activities, how to improve and where we could go to be the best kin for you and us. Below are two things we’d like your opinion on and 1 update timeline for cap group.

Throne raid inventory 
Could, would, want, should. All words that have been mentioned regarding Throne raid. Even more questions have been asked about how, when and if. . Harashi and cyncliff have offered to take a good look at it and see how, when, where we could take a good go at throne raid. But there is a wide range of people that would like to do it. They need your help to get all the noses in the right way.
Which classes from who are able to attend, got the correct gear or are willing to put the time in to get on that gear level. Throne is still the hardest raid in the game atm. In the coming week we’ll also provide some information about the raid, what level of gear is needed or how to get it etc.

If you want to particpate, let them know  the answers to the following questions, Either in a conversation, reply on the forum, reply on facebook etc.
Throne forum topic

  1. People – Are you interested and/or what evenings would you be able to attend?
  2. Characters – What characters you got avaialable that meet the requirements?
    1. What characters would you like to equip to do the raid.
    2. Where would you need assistance?
  3. Raid – Experience the raid one time, a clear of tier 1 (multiple times), take a stab at tier 2 bosses, complete all the challenges
    1. What do you want to do?
    2. What dont you want to do?
  4. Etc – Any other comments that we missed?

Cap group
Release the bonds of your level 50. We’re heading into Moria. Last saturday we had our last level 50 cap group runs. And since we havn’t had any requests for next saturday we’ve decided to move the schedule up a week. Take your time, experience moria on your own pace. There will be plenty of gearing and instance running in the future. To do give all a (realistic) objective,
Next saturday 19 may- Forgotten treasury (level 54) and or leveling in moria for the capgroup
26 may – Level 56 to 60. Gearing and easier instances.
> June – Level 58-60. Moria instances and epic story/skirmishes.

Extra creep activity
The ettenmoors visits are getting more frequent on both sides. While the freep side visits are visible, cause well your online. The creep side is a bit harder to coordinate cause you dont know if someone is on that kin side. So here again we’re asking you Creep and freep activity interest

  1. Would you be interested in an extra creep activity (night/day/weekend)?
  2. Are you already engaged in extra creeptatuclar activities?
  3. What kind of actitvity would you be interested in?
    1. Quest
    2. Lug/GV
    3. Mixed
    4. Tuesday creepnight

In short
Let us help you by knowing what you’d want to do in these 3 parts. Or if you got another question or comment ofcourse. Just contact an officer or ask in kinchat.


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What will we do and where will we go this week? Further info some events at a later time*

Monday – Sword halls (mirkwood xpac) Featured instance “intro” – The easiest and quickest way to get resources for supreme essences this week*
Tuesday 20 Cet – Creepnight
Wednesday evening – Request night – Request away
Thursday – 20:30 Cet Freepnight,
Friday – Anniversary runs (unknown), Warsteed race 2/6  The Misty Mountain Blockade*
Saturday – Cap group unlock to 60*
Sunday – Barad guldur 105 raid*

May 9, 2017 squirle 1 comment

The planned events for this week in the kin.

Tuesday 20 Cet – Creepnight, Screenshot competition opening
Wednesday evening – Request night – Currently first Old/Far anorien warbands and the Rift (non-cap group) + ?
Thursday – 20 Cet Freepnight, unknown unified vote raid
Friday – Anniversary runs (unknown, Unified race  21 cet? (involves horses), Msa Throne T2
Saturday – Cap group 50 – Barad guluran/Carn dum
Sunday – Roving threats?
Monday – Sword halls feature intro night