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When Elfs go riding, and black beornings are seen, the moon laughs and whispers ’tis near Halloween.To stave of the upcoming All hallows eve and the return of the wights. Wotv will hold a party weekend the days before halloween. Lots of prizes, fun and events.

Halloween screenshot competition 
Find your “scariest moment in lotro”, “evil costume” and “ominous landscapes” will be these weeks themes. Upload your  to the forum, facebook or another website. Multiple entries are possible, but only 1 screenshot will be considered. Entries are open till the 30th of october.

Halloween lottery drawing and party evening
Sunday the 29th of october wotv will have their evil lottery. Parade your costumes, halloween themed triva and sinister keg race. We’ll start with a triple 666 prizepool for 1998 gold. As usual it’s 1 entry per member by sending 500 silver to the lottovalar character.


Ghostly nightrider race
On the evening of the 28th we’ll organise a normal and warsteed race. The race will be Scary, you will be watched and oaths will be broken. Join us on your steeds and race as though this might be your last calm night.

From friday till monday we’ll host a kinauction weekend as well. Need some space for those fall festival items, looking for cheap cosmetics, crafting mats or symbols. Check out the Kin ah for lots of steals. Can’t wait? Use the kinhouse chest for donations or send donations to Quartervalar and we’ll make sure they find a nice new home.

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Hey there,

Upcoming friday at 6 october at 21.00 CET (20.00 GMT), we will hold the second (out of six) Hide & Seek event for the current Hide & Seek competition. All allianced kinship players are welcome to join this event. This time the playing area will be annunlos within lone lands! The rules will be explained during the event aswell.

The best hider(s) and seeker(s) during the event will win prizes. There will be shared at least 50G. This will be highered by donating to ‘whitedoom’. Only money donation is accepted for this event!


Hope to see you join at the event!

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Hey there,

Upcoming friday at 29 september at 21.00 CET (20.00 GMT), we will hold the first (out of six) Hide & Seek event for the current Hide & Seek competition. All allianced kinship players are welcome to join this event. This time the playing area will be Celondim within Ered Luin! The rules will be explained during the event aswell.

The best hider(s) and seeker(s) during the event will win prizes. There will be shared at least 50G. This will be highered by donating to ‘whitedoom’. Only money donation is accepted for this event!


Hope to see you join at the event!

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Over the next few weeks i’m going to run the entire Instance finder list. All 99 and Survival of barrow downs to record them for an article series and for the kin youtube channel. Ofcourse this is more fun with kinnies. And even better if it does double purpose. Want to run an instance? Got a special deed in one? Let me know cause i’m going there anyways.

Last night we did Dragnagh unleashed, fangorns edge, pits of isengard, foundry instances and the 6-man version of the pelagrir big battle. A quick tour of stoneheight and all Mordor resource instances. The list is still long so make your choice and free Middle earth 1 instance at a time.

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Hey there,

For the upcoming six weeks, the Everlasting Hope kinship will hold its second Hide & Seek competition event! Make sure to read the info below to make sure you know what you can expect for these upcoming events!

General info
The Hide & Seek competition will being hold for the upcoming 6-7 weeks with an event every friday (normally). During these events you can score a certain amount of points depending on how well you are playing the game. In the end the top 3 players will get rewarded with a certain amount of money which relates to the amount of donations being made over the upcoming 6-7 weeks for the event. This event shall take place all over Middle-Earth!

At the start of every game, the player can choose wether to be a hider or a seeker. The rules for the hider and seeker differ alot, so they will be told apart from each other.

As hider you get 5 minutes to travel free through the given region without any seekers chasing you. We shall take northern bree-fields as a region example to make things more clear. During these first 5 minutes the hiders may travel by mount, they may also get outside the borders of the given region during this period of time. When the first 5 minutes are done for the hiders will get chased by the seekers for a total of 20 minutes. During these 20 minutes the hiders may NOT use a mount and also may NOT get out of boundaries for more then 5 seconds! Be aware that hiders also may not stay in little area parts that are not connected to the main part! Hiders may also not use stealth! Its also forbidden as hider to get into instanced buildings! Failing to do this will result in getting no points at all and if it happens more frequently exclusion from the competition! You may however lay down and hide in bushes or other objects that can hide your visibility! Hiders may also walk around during these 20 minutes if they like to but within the boundaries of the region! Hiders may even teleport as long as it brings them to locations within the boundaries of the playing field! If the seeker uses the slap emote on you, you have been caught! When you are caught you must report to the host that you are caught and leave the playing field, to avoid any confusion by other seekers. The hiders will be all grouped up in a raid party so the host can keep an eye out on each hider. Hiders may never tell the location of other hiders! Failing to do this will result in an immediate cancellation of further participation in the competition and perhaps even other competitions depending on the case! If the seekers find all hiders before the time runs out, the game is done as well!

As a seeker you will wait the first 5 minutes with the host near the borders of the playing field, outside the playing field. After the first 5 minutes, the seekers will get 20 minutes to catch as many hiders as possible. The seekers should always travel by mount (with the exception of water areas!). The seekers will not be in any party. They may also not communicate among each other to keep the competition among the seekers fair. The seekers should use the /slap emote on the hiders when the seeker finds one. When the seeker has caught one he/she should report it to the host immidiately. If the hider disagrees on being caught then the host will ask for the location coordinates where the hider was found to check. Not telling the truth can have consequences depending on the case. If the seekers find all hiders before the time runs out, the game is done as well!


The following areas shall be randomly chosen in the upcoming weeks. The level of the areas shall increase within the weeks! The specific area will be announced on the unfied site together with the other specific details for every event.

week 1: lv 5-20 areas (ered luin, shire, bree-land)
week 2: lv 20-42 areas (lone-lands, north downs, evendim, trollshaws)
week 3: lv 40-52 areas (misty mountains, angmar, forochel, eregion)
week 4: lv 50-65 areas (moria, lothlorien, mirkwood, enedwaith)
week 5: lv 65-85 areas (dunland, great river, eastern rohan, wildermore)
week 6: lv 85-115 areas (fangorn forest, western rohan, all gondor areas, the wastes, mordor areas)

Scoring points

As a hider you will win 1 point per player that has been caught before you. you will also win 2 points if you are caught within 5-10 minutes, 4 points if you are caught within 10-15 minutes and 6 points if you are caught within 15-20 minutes.  Hiders who survive the whole game will get 8 points!

As a seeker you will get 2 points per player that you catch. If the seekers catch all hiders within 5 minutes time they will get all 3 additional points. If they find all within 10 minutes time, they will all get 2 additional points. If they find all within 15 minutes they will all get 1 additional point! If there is one seeker to be named that has caught the most then that seeker will get 2 additional points aswell!

Per event
The hider who lasts the longest will get 25% of what was donated that week + 10g from the host! If more one hider survives, the reward will be split between them but the reward meant for the seekers will be added to this, the seekers won’t get anything in that case!

The seeker that finds the most hiders will get 25% of what was donated that week + 10g from the host! If more then one seeker found an equal amount, then the reward will be split between them! If the seekers find all hiders within 5 minutes then the rewards meant for the hiders will be awarded to the best seeker(s) as well. The hiders wont get anything!

50% from all the donations that have been made will be shared to the top 3 winners of the whole competition. This means that those with the most amount of points at the end will get the reward. The 3rd best will get 1/6 of the reward, the 2nd best will get 2/6 of the reward and the winner will get 1/2 of the reward!

Because more players will get rewarded per event, you can only donate money and no items for this event. Donated items shall be posted back to the player that sent them! You can donate to the host ‘whitedoom’ by in game mail! Although we have specific standard rules on how to share the reward, every donator may have a different ruling. This should be stated by the donator to the host though!



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No screenshots, but we had a lot of fine winner this saturday.
The 50 gold prizes go to Ardarion, Estenion and Udder. With the 75 gold winners being Heledrian and Kallerthien. The centurions are Simrien Lerine and Lollaia with a fresh 100 gold in their pockets.The top 5 prizes were

  1. Baeserker 500 gold
    1. Simrien  Bonus – Anfalas crystal of rememberance
  2. Shahanori 400 gold
  3. Jespi 300 gold
  4. Lerine 200 gold

The 3 brown, 3 white and 4 red squirrels will find a new home with Throfro, Bearlee,Mampi, kallerthien, Mampi, Jespi, Theordfrid, Turom, Kornak, Simrien.

Dont forget the kin auctions are still up till monday and tonight at 20:30 (pre-quests) 21:00 start time we’ll escort hobbits, chickens towards Elven schools in Eregion. After a hard day at school we’ll bring the chickens to the Last homely house (for the Trollshaw quest).

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The month of august is behind us and septembre is about to begin. We’re getting back in the flow of things. We’re still keeping the schedule a bit flexible, but the calendar is pretty filled up again. Check out this weeks full plans so far on the Event planner and sign up

Boxr run, creepnight, Deepning wall raid, request night + throne raid, chicken run and the kin lottery. And ofcourse everything you and your fellow kinnies want to do together.

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Every bit of armour, weapon or jewelry your character is wearing was made by the game at one point. But how does the game decide what the item will look like and what stats it will have? For this article I’ll ignore you’re legendary items since these use a wildly different system, but nearly every other item you can equip is made in 2 different ways.

A fixed stat item

The two ways
With the two ways im not talking about if the item is crafted,  dropped from a mob or granted by a GM. The two ways i mean are the ways the game has to decide what the item will be. An item can be completely fixed  in its stats or it can vary in the numbers. Normally any item with a set bonus is a fixed item as is any item that you can barter. This has been the system for the early part of lotro. Later in the lifetime of lotro scaled instances were implemented where the amount of stats on amount was scaled towards the level of the recipient.

Fixed items
Not much to say about these items. Turbine and standing stone games decide what the item looks like, how much vitality and armour it will have and if the item has a set bonus. Everything on these items is fixed and can’t change. This requires every item to be designed, created and balanced. Normally this isn’t a problem, but as a game grows in size it becomes too much to maintain or retroactively change incase something changes.

Example of change
Each class now has vitality + 1 other main stat. These two are the ones you want the most and every class item will have these stats the most. This is why lots of old class items like the Auroch one still have stats that a hunter doesn’t really want like Might

Item ingredients

Scaled items
Before we had a build your own item with the essences. The game had broken down the items in chunks. This way the game could award these items independent of your level. A level 20 can get the same item as a level 115. One will have a lot more stats than the other ofcourse. But this allowed them to scale the older instances like the Great barrow and Fornost. These days nearly every new instance can be scaled. Not everything scales as well as they might hope, but that’s for another article.

Scaled variables or how an item is build
Item quality (colour)
Once the game decides you will get an item it will decide what quality (colour) of item you will get. If everything remains the same a teal item will always be better than a purple. But there are plenty more variables that determine how good an item will be.

Minimum item level (4)
One of the first things it looks at is the level of the source (instance/mob) this will determine the minum level you can use it from. Same as you might expect. An item with a higher level will be better if the rest stays the same.  Best is relative since you might have a level 112 teal item vs a level 115 purple item.

Basic and secondary stat packages (2) (3)
Scaled items are build up in two sets of stats. Basic stats are your vitality + agility and the secondary one is either an offensive or defensive package. The ratio of the basic stats can shift in offensive of defensive. But these will scale with the item level. Offensive packages will have more agility, finesse, crit rating etc and defensive packages will have more vitality, critical defence, mitigations etc.

Other packages, essence slots and light of earendil
There is a 3rd option that can have different stats like an essence slot, morale, light of earendil, audacity etc. But these will depend where you will get the item from. Being Mordor, the ettenmoors or other zones.

Item level difference

Item level: the heart of scaling (1)

Once the item quality, minimum item level, and stat packages are determined its time to actually scale the item for you. This misunderstood part is what decides how good an item is going to be. An item with item level 300 is always going to be better than the same item with item level 280. This used to be nearly invisible since you only had 1 option at that time in a drop or you could only get a fixed set item. But with the introduction of Mordor crafting and loot the item level has become pretty important. The left item is Ilvl 326 (no crit craft) and the right one is Ilvl 329 (crit craft). Minor differences that multiply across your gear.


Interaction between item level, minimum level and quality
All 3 of these interact with each other in a way that not tangible. It’s possible to have a higher Ilvl purple that is better than a lower Ilvl teal item. Or a level 115 item that is worse than a 112. This can be confusing, but its easier to understand then you might think.

Item level ranges

The item level will always determine how high a number can be. But the item colour/quality and minimum item level all have a possible ranges of item levels they could get.
This it the reason a teal item is better than a purple item or a 115 item better than a 112. It’s when they interact where a a special combination means an item is out of balance. For example the raid rewards get an extra boost in item level or a special quest item gets a boost. Resulting in a higher item level then it normally shouldnt be able to get. These items behave like a scaled item, but Turbine/SSG intervened and made them better to be special like in the case of the allegiance cloak or Blessing of the Valar gear.

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Wotv is going back to school. On the 8th of september we’ll have a kinparty and lottery. The party will be around 20:30 cet with spars, trivia and music. Around 21 Cet we’ll have the lottery drawing from all the people that had send 500 silver per member to lottovalar for a ticket. Wondering what your number is? Check here for more

On the 9th of septembre we’ll organise a public chicken run going from Sandsons farm to Echad miroble. Ones known as the School and library of the elves of eregion. This will start around 20 Cet and is estimated to take about an hour. Afterwards we might take a field trip to Minas Tirith or Mordor.

During the weekend we’ll posts some items on the kin auctions. And let us know if you can join us on the party or the chicken run

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Hey there,

The final chicken race event will be hold at friday 18 august (this is the new date after it was delayed last week) august at 19.00 CET (18.00 GMT). See ‘http://exploremiddleearth.com/Unified/2017/01/24/chicken-race-introduction/#more-197’ for more info on the event itself!

your task is to get to the Twenty First Hall auction door, but it shall appear to be even harder then you might think at first as unkown forces shall try to prevent you from getting there!

-having the 8 hour chicken is strongly adviced (you get this by completing all the flying the coop chicken quests at sandon’s farm northeast of Michel Delving!
-If you have done the chicken pre-quests already, we recommend you to join in 45 minutes later!
-All levels welcome!

Race info:

-Race duration: about 3 hours
-Amount of chicken checkpoints: 8
-Difficulty: hard
-Prize: 85G + items or more (depends on donations, you can donate money and/or items to ‘whitedoom’!

Hope to see you at the race!