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Sinterklaas has left the building and it’s time to think about our Holiday extravaganza. Last year we had the Big lottery and 12 days of wotv. And this year will be special again. But it will not be a classic lottery draw. The holidays, awkward weekends and a game update makes it hard to schedule a specific night. Too  many plans and too few days.

Holiday extravaganza
This will be a running lottery that starts on the 11 of december and will run straight into the 7th of january. Will have to wait and see a few more days. On the 7th we’ll have our new years reception party and on the 23rd we’ll hopefully avoid christmas chicken dinner.

Update 21.3, raid, yule festival, mordor, pvmp, box runs and more “probably”
On the 14th the yule festival starts dictating a downtown that will have an update to lotro.Which most likely will contain the raid and other updates. These might be the long awaited update to pvmp and creeps. As you see thats a lot of might and probably. The officer team will make adjustments accordingly to our events like freepnight, raid cooperation in unified, recruitment etc.

We’ll continue to provide a mix of activities across the week. And yes the raid T1 will be part of it (suprise, we wont aim for a server first). The new raidlock system will make it easier. Ettenmoors might be more fun, yule festival eating your time, new and fresh box run (loot), returning members going for questing and mordor. We’ll have to see how it all works out.

Stay tuned and see you ingame

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Lotromarket – 85% off – $ sales 

  • Mines of Moria™ – Digital Download –$19.99 $3.00
  • Siege of Mirkwood™ – Digital Download – $9.99$1.50
  • Rise of Isengard™ Base Edition – Digital Download – $19.99 $3.00
  • Riders of Rohan™ Base Edition – Digital Download – $19.99 $3.00
  • Helm’s Deep™ Base Edition – Digital Download – $39.99 $6.00

Verdict, Get them now if you ever considered getting one of these expansion. Especially Helms deep. Weirdly no sale on the quadpack for easy clicking

Lotro ingame store – $ sales – Double bonus points
With every packet of lotropoints you get a bonus of 20 to 80% extra points. During this you will get double those extra points.

Base Bonus % offer Type
500 200 40,00 Double bonus point
1250 700 56,00 Double bonus point
2500 1900 76,00 Double bonus point
4200 5000 119,05 Double bonus point
8400 11200 133,33 Special offer
12600 18800 149,21 Special offer

Remember, you usually get half of these bonus points. So the numbers are a bit lower. But still a nice boost.

Verdict, It’s not 85% off, but still one of the best times to get them*. Cause you will usually want these points. Especially for the next paragraph

Lotro in-game store – LP sales

The long-awaited release of the expansion and the high elf to the lotre is here for the price stated in August

  • The mordor expansion is now available for 2495 lotropoint – No Aria of the valar included
  • The high elf is now in the store for 1000 Lotropoints

Other sales

  • Today
    • Wardrobe storage,
    • Cosmetic items
  • Till monday
    • 75% off Virtue Bundles if you want them
    • 3 more unlocks for shared storage and bank storage
  • 50% of select housing sets (no idea which)
    • Complete Crafting Tiers
  • 30% off Valar and Valar upgrades
    • Third Age Item
    •  Legacy Scroll Boxes

Mordor showdown – sale prices

Which mordor do i want to get? They balanced the prizes and sales pretty well.

Option 1 Full – Aria of the valar  (5021) + mordor (2495) + high elf (1000) = 8500 Lotropoints/ $60  or $ 80 digitial sale
Dont want the cosmetics, mount etc for the digital sale. Get the double bonus lotro points

Option 2 LP expansion – No valar + mordor (2495) + high elf (1000) = 3500 Lotropoints/ $40  or $ 80 digital sale
Easy, Get the double bonus lotro points.

Option 3 Mix
Option 3.1 – Mordor (2495) $30 or $ 40 digital sale, but with valar that you don’t want
Dont buy the lotromarket Mordor if you dont want a valar. Get LP and buy it from the store. Safe 10$.

Option 3.2 – Aria of the valar  (5021) + mordor (2495) =7500 Lotropoints/ $60 (1700 leftover)  or $ 40 digital sale
If you do want the valar, but you don’t want the high elf. Buy the 40$ market standard bundle. Safe 5 to 20$

Option 3.3 – Only high elf  (1000) $ 12 or $ 80 digital sale
Be smart and get the lotropoints

November 5, 2017 squirle 1 comment

In a continued effort to place as many beornings in spots for Middle-earth domination Miriku will join the officer team of Wisdom of the Valar. Or it might be to help members have an officer available during more times then we currently can.

Newer members will know him as Miriku, others will know him by all his Sig* characters. He has offered his assistance to help us and you. We’d hearthley welcome Miriku to the officer team of Wotv.

Other news (discord)
Over the past few weeks we’ve discussed the option to switch from teamspeak to discord. Had the discussion before. Utlimatley we decided to forego this option again. Since most people that would use discord, would also use teamspeak at this time. It would provide a good option if we didnt have a nice website, twitter, teamspeak.

But since it’s already all set up. We figured some might like it anyways. Our main communication will remain to be teamspeak, kinchat and the website/fb group.

Other news (cap group/slowtro)
One of the features that did draw is to discord is the easy switching between different servers. That would come in handy with a revival of the cap group we had pre-mordor expansion. We’ll keep the target level cap at 60. Which will allow us to run a lot of scaled instances, raids plus Moria and Angmar.

Recently a cap group project started on Evernight called Slowtro. It has a moving cap level that allows everyone to join as long as they are under that cap. This saturday they upped it to 32 allowing them to run Agamaur and Fornost.We’ve offered them a regular instance night where kinnies and people from their user channel can team up to tackle these instances on level. Kin activities and slowtro are two seperate plans. They maintain a stricter ruleset for the level cap then we do.

/joinchannel slowtro – to join their channel

Plans (bearlee/squirle)
Old cap group nights were monday and saturday. These days are open to change. And will depend on the animo from kinnies. I’ll choose a focus for the evening making it a nice mix of 32 or level 50-60 depending on who will join. Signing up or letting know which char or instance you want to do is nice ofc.

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As we get into the last 2 weeks of the Hide and Seek here are the standings in this competition. Come and join us in the last 2 secret places for fun and treasure.

These are the current H&S standings after having done 4 games with still to 2 to go! The top 3 in rankings will get the overall reward after all 6 games have been done!

1.Melodriel (EH) 43p
2.Bearlee (WotV) 30p
2.Toffeecake (EH) 30p
4.Jablac (WotV) 25p
5.Shenburg (EH) 24p
6.Finitas (EH) 23p
7.Cyen (EH) 19p
8.Elentilien (WotV) 17p
9.Ardarion (WotV) 14p
9.Edrdir (EH) 14p
11.Cuthraul (EH) 12p
12.Jarolas (WotV) 11p
13.Celasnion (EH) 10p
14.Dento (EH) 9p
15.Gazar (EH) 8p
16.Halapanda (WotV) 8p
17.Daoko (EH) 7p
18. Melthrindel (EH) 6p
18.Tiralmo (EH) 6p
20.Kragras (EH) 5p
21.Ardieth (EH) 4p
21.Cuinor (EH) 4p
21.Maxkaizerorin (EH) 4p
24.Estenion (WotV) 2p
24.Miamo (EH) 2p
26.Evonous (?) 1p
26.Sinephrey (EH) 1p

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On a stormy weekend a drunken Elf vineyard occupatant blamed the evil “spirit” and send a group of 6 wanders on a race towards the Nines crossing at Buckleberry ferry. Seeking advice from tom bomabdil send them to see the wandering shade in the barrows. The presence they felt was his family returning to Middle-earth. He asked the riders to warn his oathbreakers aunt near Minchams camp and afterwards make their way to Oathbarton to grab their stealthy ghost pup and make their way to the reunion at the haunted burrow.

For the halloween race 6 racers set out across the ghostly track with Bagofpies coming in 1st place with Simrien 2nd. Closely followed by Burglaris,Penbre and Lerine. Toffeecake joined us later in the race. But was making good ground.

The race was just day 1. On the sunday we’ve had our grand yak-fur centered trivia, firework and lottery party at the kinhouse. After some scary empty bugged kinhouse we made it towards the stage for the lottery draw. Without further due ..

  • 500 gold  Elboreth
  • 400 gold Mampi
  • 300 gold Throfro
  • 200 gold Lerine
  • 100 gold Darkarise, Adhelis
  • 75 gold Davtona, Adhelis
  • 50 gold Leonmon, Adhelis
  • Mystery box – Riga, Throfro, Mikkye, Bosef, Xintieja items of choice

The keg race could end at no other place then the haunted burrow ofcourse. A nice gathering of kinnies made their way for a few shots.

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The final track has been checked for caltrops and other ghastly obstacles. But on the eve of halloween plenty of spooky checkpoints are still to be crossed. For this race we’ll make our way from the “evil spirit” of the elfs in Celondim to haunted Nazgul ferry. We’ll cross into the always haunted Old forest to visit a good spirit in Tom Bombadil. He’ll give you the task to find the wandering shade at the Bree south gate. The poor shade wants you to look for his aunt and pet. You’ll find the old aunt near Mincham and the invisble pet near the oathbarton farms. Together we’ll have a family reuion at the Haunted burrow at the Party tree.

When – 21 cet invites. 21:15 start
Race time about 35 (68% horse) to 45 minutes with
Where – Celondim start – summons available
Prizes, 500 gold for the top 5 and 3 gourd luker pets randomly rewarded to the people that finish the race

Shorter track info
Celondim vineyard -> Buckleberrty ferry west side –> Tom bombadils house –> South Bree gate -> Minchams camp North downs -> Oathbarton -> Haunted burrow

Maximum mount steed 68% or a 78% with Roses debuff making it a 68% speed
No speed buffs or fall immunity
No teleport or swift travels (slow horse allowed)
Checkpoints need to be crossed for the prizes


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When Elfs go riding, and black beornings are seen, the moon laughs and whispers ’tis near Halloween.To stave of the upcoming All hallows eve and the return of the wights. Wotv will hold a party weekend the days before halloween. Lots of prizes, fun and events.

Halloween screenshot competition 
Find your “scariest moment in lotro”, “evil costume” and “ominous landscapes” will be these weeks themes. Upload your  to the forum, facebook or another website. Multiple entries are possible, but only 1 screenshot will be considered. Entries are open till the 30th of october.

Halloween lottery drawing and party evening
Sunday the 29th of october wotv will have their evil lottery. Parade your costumes, halloween themed triva and sinister keg race. We’ll start with a triple 666 prizepool for 1998 gold. As usual it’s 1 entry per member by sending 500 silver to the lottovalar character.


Ghostly nightrider race
On the evening of the 28th we’ll organise a normal and warsteed race. The race will be Scary, you will be watched and oaths will be broken. Join us on your steeds and race as though this might be your last calm night.

From friday till monday we’ll host a kinauction weekend as well. Need some space for those fall festival items, looking for cheap cosmetics, crafting mats or symbols. Check out the Kin ah for lots of steals. Can’t wait? Use the kinhouse chest for donations or send donations to Quartervalar and we’ll make sure they find a nice new home.

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Hey there,

Upcoming friday at 6 october at 21.00 CET (20.00 GMT), we will hold the second (out of six) Hide & Seek event for the current Hide & Seek competition. All allianced kinship players are welcome to join this event. This time the playing area will be annunlos within lone lands! The rules will be explained during the event aswell.

The best hider(s) and seeker(s) during the event will win prizes. There will be shared at least 50G. This will be highered by donating to ‘whitedoom’. Only money donation is accepted for this event!


Hope to see you join at the event!

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Hey there,

Upcoming friday at 29 september at 21.00 CET (20.00 GMT), we will hold the first (out of six) Hide & Seek event for the current Hide & Seek competition. All allianced kinship players are welcome to join this event. This time the playing area will be Celondim within Ered Luin! The rules will be explained during the event aswell.

The best hider(s) and seeker(s) during the event will win prizes. There will be shared at least 50G. This will be highered by donating to ‘whitedoom’. Only money donation is accepted for this event!


Hope to see you join at the event!