The full anniversary events and parties post

Thanks to everyone in the kin now and before we’ve reached our 10 year anniversary. How do we top that?

We’ll have two party nights for the anniversary on the 20th and the 23rd.

20th july Kin to Kin night (public party)
We’ll gather at out old dwarven kinhouse and have a parade towards the prancing pony with a little detour for some Free and tag it games at the bree festival grounds.

In bree we’ll host a costume party with fireworks, music and trivia. Later in the evening we’ll make our way to weathertop for a sparring tournament. Later that evening we’ll have a race towards the kin island with prizes for normal and warsteeds.

Everyone is welcome to join is for all or parts of this event.

Kin party
On the 23rd we’ll have our big lottery night with the usual entertainment and Keg race at the end.

PS: Chicken runs will be a seperate event outside the anniversary week

Kin lottery
With the biggest lottery so far – 5000 gold in the main prize pool across 10 prizes.
For this lottery we’ll do it slightly different. 10 * 500 gold (1 win per member). And some mystery bonus prizes.

How do i enter?
The usual way, send 500s per member (not char) to this character to enter – Lottovalar.. The entry will close 15 mins prior to the drawing on sunday evening 23 july 20 Cet.

How will it work
Upon entry you will be assigned a number that will be posted on the forum and fb group. On the evening we’ll do a /roll * for the number of entries. If it’s yours you win.

Auction week
During the week of 17 to 23rd july we’ll put over 500 lots of items on the kinonly auction. Everyone is welcome to add their items to it either by sending donations to quartervalar or post themself.

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