U23 beta roundup

Regarding way to heal. Outgoing healing will get a slight buff compared to the not really great boost tactical mastery gives.

I’ll probably try to tweak that so that the healing contribution from OH *(outgoing healing) is somewhat better and the contribution for Tac is not quite a good.

Don’t mind tac providing a boost to hps, but I’d prefer that it remain the secondary source, with actual OH rating being the primary source. In terms of OVERALL hps, I don’t really intend any significant change either way. I was figuring it would probably go up a little relative to player vitality at cap, but not much.

So I’ll be taking a look at this.


(unintended) creep boost here to stay?

Overall, all of the changes you’re seeing in PvMP are related to the balance work Vastin is doing, both in Masteries and in mob scaling, which affects Creeps. So, none of this was directly intended, but is rather the by-product of other changes. That said, I seem to be seeing positive feedback regarding the state of balance of PvMP on Bullroarer, so if it’s better than it currently is on Live, it’s worth keeping it. What say you?

Legendary items are annoying devs as well.

Tell me about it… 

A heavy duty Legendary Weapon revamp is pretty high on our list of things to do. They are causing some serious issues, and the data structure for them has become so arcane it costs sanity points to examine it.


Several landscape and Erebor comments by Scenario


Some insight into lotro behind the scenes formulas

Maybe its time to actually make +% damage modifiers work as intend by changing the formula to:
BaseDamage * (Mastery) * (PermMods) * (Skillmods) + *(TempMods)

Quite correct, it really should work more along these lines – but it doesn’t, and unfortunately there are a LOT of effect code paths and data that would have to be updated to make it work like this consistently, so it languishes somewhere in the dark corners of our engineering wish lists. It’s not something we can change in data alone.

When the game system was created, it was created with +, -, /, *, = operators for various effects. Unfortunately, it doesn’t readily make distinctions between important concepts like * vs. +* operators and instead treats them as hard-coded concepts within each specific code path, and thus they are inflexible to the system designers. 

– Vastin

Continue to do your black steel keys to get a little start, but no boost for the best stuff. Currently the highest shinies we’ve seen are itemlevel 380. Mordor ash will differe from the Iron hills ash. So save your keys if you want to use it for the future.

Black Steel Key will open the new boxes.

We’re making changes to the gear in the boxes for the next Bullroarer. The highest they can have will be 370 incomparable gear. Essences will also come down. The Tier 2 instance gear hasn’t been shown yet as well.

Damage types Fire now being a better damage type then beierland and others.

I’m actually hoping to do a broad pass to re-balance damage types relative to each other later this year, though that may be my unwarranted optimism creeping up on me.


New potions on the store won’t be store or lootbox only

*cant find the source. But they are going to replace Reunivation potions and are very tasty (30/50/70% heal instead of 5.000 orso). They hobbit present/store won’t be the only source, but they will remain.


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