Weekend events and officers

This weekend is the lottery and games night. This will start at around 20:30 Cet on the kin island. The (war)steed race will be themed around the Gaunt-lord-let. It will feature a race from The barrow downns to Stoneheight to the Lost temple where and will start around 21 cet.

This weekend we’ll also welcome a new officer to the group Olaphyra. Longstanding member that is always up to help people.

A few officers have decided for personal reasons or playing a different game or that they can’t be online in lotro (on Evernight) as much as they did before. We’d like to thank them for the time they help us and the kin out. They will remain members and we’d always welcome them back.

At the moment we’re still looking for an officer that could help us out during the daytime and/or weekend. Since this is a gap in time where there can be no officers online to help you out or invite an alt for example. Officer is mostly an helping function that can be extended to organising or recruitment. We’re looking for someone that could help us with helping kinnies in the non-evenings. In the kin for awhile, friendly and in contact with the kin through out-of-game means such as fb/ts/discord are encouraged.

Interested? Just contact bearlee/squirle/victor gijzen

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