Critters Journey [57] Who let the horses out?

On our last episode Gandalf was charging his beam attack and the sky was full of chickens. What will happen next? The Minas tirith kids have gathered to hear more stories from Belgir about the forgotten tales from their hazardous nights in the midst of the Battle of critter tirith.

Critters Journey [56] Battle of Critter Tirith

The witch king has reached the gates of Mordor. All of Gandalfs skills are on cooldown. He only has his one Spirit beam attack left. But the inductions is 30 minutes. Will he make it in time? What can George do? Battle of Critter Tirith The critters have reached the city. … Continue reading

Mordor pre-order bonus and your Fell beast (april fowls article)

As most will guess the ring will be destroyed in the upcoming Mordor expansion. Which will in turn destroy the 9 ring wraith that ride their great fell beasts. But what will happen to the fell beasts that survived? Well, you can get them as your own cosmetic pet soon. … Continue reading

Critters Journey [intermezzo] I’m a Mordor firestarter

The mailbox has been flooded with the question, Why does Spike hate orc so much? Ok perhaps not. But it’s still a valid question. One that i can’t deny your search and thirst for answer for. Credits go to Riga (screenshot and first line) and Jarolas for the lyrics @Wotv_lotro

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