About CJ

Critters Journey is a webcomic originated from the question “What happened after this chicken run?”. While started as a series of screenshots with added text on the Wisdom of the valar kin in the game Lord of the rings online it’s now featured on the website lotroplayers.com. It started with was supposed to be a short pre-quel to the major story line that is the battle of Minas tirith and Mordor it now features stories from all over Middle-earth and several different critters have gotten their own storylines. This still all set to the main story of George (the orignal chicken) journey to gather critters in defense of Sandsons farm and eventually Middle Earth.

What if you don’t understand anything we just said?

The comic leans heavily on the game lotro. And uses his ingame world and cosmetic pets with tidbits, locations and jokes to create this journey. Song lyric are hidden in some episodes, but i won’t spoil those. A short faq is featured, but it’s mostly lotro, cute pets looking differently on the world of lotro. An often heard comment on the episodes on the lotroplayers podcast is It’s Critters.

Extras on this website about critters world

Critters journey comics and casual guides are posted on the lotroplayers website. But this site will focus more on the overlaying story with bio’s, maps and background stories. In short the world of Critters in a larger picture. It will allow me a more focussed way of presenting all things critters.



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