Critters Journey [56] Battle of Critter Tirith

The witch king has reached the gates of Mordor. All of Gandalfs skills are on cooldown. He only has his one Spirit beam attack left. But the inductions is 30 minutes. Will he make it in time? What can George do?

Battle of Critter Tirith
The critters have reached the city. All of them have gathered in this final battle for survival against the forces of Mordor. The ulitmate battle of the third age that the critters journey have let them to has arrived. The ending you all know. But history might not be as you’ve read or seen in the books of humans. Legends have been told by the little creatures that remember the tales of the most unlikely allies you could imagine.

Mordor pre-order bonus and your Fell beast (april fowls article)

As most will guess the ring will be destroyed in the upcoming Mordor expansion. Which will in turn destroy the 9 ring wraith that ride their great fell beasts. But what will happen to the fell beasts that survived?

Well, you can get them as your own cosmetic pet soon.

Yep, let that sink in. After recent evil-pets like the mumakill and varthag hounds. The next in line is your own “little” fell beast. Surely this pet will be pretty special. Yes and no, 2 versions will be available in the mordor expansion upcoming summer/autumn.

Pre-order chickens

Seems some (new) developers like their chicken runs. So much that they wanted to add their own spin on it. When i was browsing the updated game files for some missing pes from the store (4 kites are in the collection, but not available on the store) i found a reference to a fllbst.petcoll file that had images or files in the U20 build. Thinking it might some new pet i contacted @lotro. And soon i got a reply and some exciting news I’ve the privilege to bring to you on this day

Pre-order bonus – Fellbeast session play

In long forgotten times there was the Rohan expansion which came with a special pre-order bonus with the non-base edition. You could do a session play as one of the rohirrim horses. But since all horses get eaten in Mordor Standing stone games had to think of something different.

The mordor expansion will have several pre-order bonuses and the one i’m allowed to spoil is a special session play as a fell beast that will gather the armies of Mordor. It will play a lot like the rohan session play, but your task will be to gather all armies from all over Mordor and get them ready for their march on Minas Tirith.

It should be available in an update before the expansion goes live and it’s planned to give a sneak peek into the Update 22 area.

Fell beast Journey – 2nd version

After the news most people would be excited about. Its time for the real Critters news. A reversed chicken run. We’re not getting george to Mordor anymore. We’re getting “unnamed fell beast” to Angmar. After the nine are defeated their fell beast are now free to roam middle earth, but nearly everyone in the west is hostile to him. He fondly remembers his days in Angmar, but it will be a true endeavour with the skies in between now roaming with eagles.

it’s time. Time to run to angmar. With a smithering of skills at your disposal and a hostile world ahead of you. Forget your normal safe places and paths. It’s time for creeps to head out of Mordor again.

I’m allowed to spoil a few images from my alpha test run for this article. Mostly the interface and a few iconic places. Nothing to see from the Mordor part for obvious reasons. My fell beast got spawned just outside isengard.

Cosmetic pet, what will they look like?

I havent seen the 2 versions of cosmetic pets myself. But im guessing they will be akin to the mumakill pets. One armoured version ready for battle and one a little less weaponized since he’s gonna need all the speed he can get to get past the Free people and hostile critters.

Critters Journey [54] Ungratefull robes and white sticks

Big thanks to lotrobeacon and cordovan for the spotlight. Lots of new people found their way to the comic and other pages. Just browse explore middle earth for all episodes and the critter journey tag here on lotro players.

Spike made it way further south to get away from the easterlings. Soon he was met with a white robed figure that welcomed him along his travels.

Critters Journey [53] Whispers of a Dadukill

North Ithilien was thriving with creatures. All shapes and sizes, loud and whispering. Trampling across the lush hills were some peculiar hairy creatures as well. But after losing his father in the Rhundanian wars to the harsh treatment of the Easterlings he never had high regards for them. But to they were capable of killing a small mumakill and even sending a search party of orcs after him when he fled. Or were there looking for someone else?

Goats of every region had always been connected to the dwarves and a favoured meal of orcs. They took every chance to even the score. The goats of Ithilien had an even greater score to settle for their last years were harsh with the coming dawnless day the orcs had been numbering greater and greater. The enemy of your enemy is your friend.

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A small peak into critters

Sometimes You post 50 weeks at a time. Sometimes you see that large cliffhanger loaming and getting closer and closer. Critters battle at Minas tirith was one massieve hangup that was supposed to be end to all a year ago. Lotro changes, lotro to me changes and plan s changed.

The big city wasnt meant to be the Final chapter. Critters that were planned to be written off might have to be around for awhile.  Battle of dagorlad was loaming months away. I’d have some time to figure it all out.

Fall 2017 turned into march, prequel episodes turned into february.  I still had no cohesive plan.  A powersurge killed my internet for a few days, a kinnie rekindled my fires through Twitter.  The timeline is there, the motivation is back.

Deadlines loaming, but whoever says critters is a loose thing. I present the results of a night not tethered, but still in the mind of lotro.  24 small pieces of paper out all of Minas tirith battle, After battle and north ithilien pre-U20.