The critters

At the centre of this story are the cosmetic critters. Not all are in the story yet, but for all ingame info about these critters check out lotro wiki page.  And in no particular orders the critters that have been featured in the episodes with their bio’s if available.

  • Bearlee – Beorning from Mirkwood
  • Bearly – Squirrel from mirkwood
  • Daisy – Rabbit from Ettenmoors
  • Everwhite – Huorn from Forochel
  • George – Red chicken from sandsons farm
  • Oliver – Cat from Broad acres
  • Squeeks – Rat from Central gondor
  • Yadi – (Spirit) lynx from the Lone lands

And non-critter

  • Squirle
  • Gandalf
  • Herubrand(s son)
  • Pengail

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