New guides for a new website

Looking for class, instance or other lotro information? Don’t look further then the new guide section on our website. Over time we’ll update the pages with trait trees, tactics or advice about all things lotro.

Head over to the menu at the top and click what information you’re looking for...

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11 year warsteed race 11th of may 20:30 Cet

Next friday we’ll host a warsteed race in honour of the 11 year anniversary of lotro. We’ll race across 11 maps going east to west. The start and end-point will be revealed 30 mins before the race starts.

Prizepool 800 gold
Reveal 20 Cet –
Start signal for the race 20:30 cet

No speedbuffs or swift travels
Warsteed, slowtravel horse or n...

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Lottery, lotro anniversary and Daybreak games updates

Our own lottery draw will be this sunday around 20:30 Cet. And the first batch of kin auctions are live already for this weekend. Check out the normal auction house and click the kinship only bar at the top to find all the bargains.

Lotro anniversary stream
Last wednesday the SSG studios had their anniversary stream where they had the creators of t...

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April update – Anniversary and events

Spring has started and the spring festival has ended. Next up are the anniversary events, developers letters and our own anniversary.  This means it’s time to party, enjoy the sun and more old-school events on top of our normal activities.  As usual, details follow.

Cap group level 60 starts 18th of april
Lotro 11th year anniversary 19th of april

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Upcoming events

We’ll have a more open and relaxed event schedule for the next month. Leaving room for more one-tim events and regular activities. Lots of people questing, doing Abyss with MSA or warsteed races with Unified. Finished Tower or Orthanc challenge with a kin group last week.

Ettenmoors and pvmp – focus on tuesday and friday
Request night – Focus on we...

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Valentine updates

The race has finished by now. The red roses from Imlod ehtuil and the red squirrels from Aldburg have been deliverd to the Argonath. With

  1. Cuthraul
  2. Olaphyra
  3. Whitedoom
  4. Simrien
  5. Estenion
  6. Moonlyte
  7. Adhelis

Making it to the end and winning a nice view and the gold prizes. Speaking of prizes and screenshots...

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Abyss of Mordrath (new raid) starter guide

The new raid has been out for a few days. Below you will find the things you will need to get and do before you can take a serious attempt at the raid. I’m not going to sugarcoat this post this time.

The raid dictates a few pre-reqs that you need. Remember to have fun, but do keep these things in mind...

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