New officers and Lottery results

Some may have already seen them in the wild. With the new update and changes in playtime we’ve decided to welcome a few new officers to the team.

  • Byuna as a new officer
  • Riga as a returning officer
  • Adye changed officer to Ferynda

We’d wish them the best of luck and hope you give a warm welcome as well...

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Back to school Lottery and kin weekend

It’s september so all the little elfs and hobbits are going back to school. And so are we. In the weekend of 14-16 september we’ll have a host of event for you.

The weekend – Kin auctions – Find a bargain near an AH near you
14 september – Hide and Seek (I don’t want to go) Eregion area 21 Cet
15 september – Kin lottery draw, music and trivia – TBT

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Tavern crawl (race) Shire 21 Cet

For summer event 5, The Shire tavern crawl @ 21 cet. A new type of event which will test your racing skills as well as your knowledge of an area.

At the start we’ll all gather up at a central place and you will be given a list of items and rough locations of where to find them. You will have 45 minutes to find as many as you can...

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U23 beta roundup

Regarding way to heal. Outgoing healing will get a slight buff compared to the not really great boost tactical mastery gives.

I’ll probably try to tweak that so that the healing contribution from OH *(outgoing healing) is somewhat better and the contribution for Tac is not quite a good.

Don’t mind tac providing a boost to hps, but I’d prefer that i...

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3rd Summer event, Frozen chickenwings

The 3rd event will be a chicken race to Forochel. We’ll gather at at Sandsons farm at 21 Cet Friday 10th of august.  Intention is to start 5-10 minutes after that. Make sure you have done the pre-quests and Flying the coop – Shire, they take about 15 minutes.

your task is to get to Ja-Reitti in the icy rift but be aware of some robbers on the...

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Summer race 2 – Shrooms for dwarfs

The 2nd race of Unified Summer Events (USE) will be a normal mount race. For this race we’ll gather some mushrooms from Farmer Maggot in the Shire. Your goal is to take these to the dwarfs in eastern Malenhad.

Friday 3rd of august @ 21 Cet (race time 25-40 mins)
Maximum speedmount 68 % (if higher you will need to use Smell of the roses)
No speedbuf...

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Lottery winners 11th anniversary

Main price 666 gold – 15 – Donkerblond

1 – 440 gold – 3 Clawyerbaws
2 – 330 gold – 13 Lerine
3 – 220 gold – 36 Estenion
4 – 220 gold – 34 Ulvanion
5 – 110 gold – 31 Hilridoc
6 – 110 gold – 34 Ulvanion
7 – 110 gold – 38 Angblossom
8 – 88 gold – 44 Tvann
9 – 66 gold – 12 Leonthorn
10 – 66 gold – 13 Lerine
11 – 66 gold – 24 Boranmir

Item prizes – Numb...

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11th anniversary weekend 20-22 july

On the 20th of July Wisdom of the Valar will have been in existence for 11 years! We’ll celebrate this with the usual Kin Lottery, games night and Kin Auctions. Over the weekend we’ll also have Costume (part of Unified competition) and Screenshot competitions.

  • 20th July – Warsteed Race + Game Night
  • 22nd July – Lottery Draw + Trivia and Keg Race
  • 20...
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