June kin activities


  • 6-6 Warsteed race
  • Tortoise head to Annuminas (35/40)
  • Friday T2 Hiddenhoard

Lotro will start it’s Midsummer festival on the 16th of June. We’ll organise a Chicken run to Minas Tirith later in the month. Just need to figure out a pre-quest day and date.

Regular runs

Our regular runs continue with

  • Monday – Weekly/random run
  • Tuesday – Ettenmoors, still laggy. But occasionally you get to use a skill.
  • Wednesday – Tortoise group (see channel on discord for that weeks plans
  • Thursday – Reset day
  • Friday – Toffee raid – Currently Hiddenhoard T2
  • Sunday – Squirle older raid/group night aka requestnight


15th Kin anniversary July
Level 130 help Toffee get deed runs
Quiznight part 3

Kin AH and lottery April

On the weekend of the 8 to the 10th of April we’ll have a kin AH-weekend and a lottery/game night on the 10th at 20:30 Cest.

How to enter the lottery

Every member can send 500 silver ingame to Lottovalar for 1 ticket (per member). This will get you a lottery number that we’ll do a /roll “number of entries’ on.

The entries will be open till 20:00 on the dayself.

April 2022 lottery

March activities

Tortoise/slow leveling group
This week and wednesdays we’ll start a slow leveling group. Bring a new or existing character in the level range and come do some instances, deed, quests and other grouping See #Tortoise-group on discord for details or Bearlee.

Monday Gundabad (gear)
Monday evening for Gundabad 3 and 6-mans. Gear for (new) 140, alts or your weekly. House of rest T2 up next.

Friday raidnight
After two Tier 1 clears we’ll add Boss 1 tier 2. Add other bosses or perhaps a Tier 3 Boss 1 depending on interest, results and signups. We’ll skip Tier 4/5 challenger titles.

“Classes needed in the kin?”
Gotten the question a few times. The class you like to play and are good at or want to get better at. But in general, For 3 and 6-man’s Tank, heal and loremaster. It takes a lot of time to get one ready, if you need a hand just give a shout.

Other highlights and reminders
Tuesday Creepnights continue to run, new to Ettenmoors or want to slay some hobbits. Tuesday 20:30 Cet.
Lottery and kin weekend planned for 2-3 april. Details follow this week.
Characters in raiding kins. Some kinnies have taken 1 or more characters to different kins to participate in more regular T2+ raids etc. They are still welcome and kinnies. It’s just a matter of preferred playstyles that they can’t find (enough of) in Wisdom. I don’t want ill-speaking or other nasty messages from people about it.

Pi-day prep-race 3-13

Holly Hornblower wants to present a pie to Saruman on Pi-day, but needs you to get some long lost ingredients. Use your warsteed to speed this up since it’s just 1 day before Pi-day.

When: Sunday 20:30 Cet
Where: Hobbiton – Holly hornblower
What: Checkpoint race (Traders wharf Wildwood – Caindath near weathertop – Hobbit burrows Angle – Sterkist vindurhal MM
Optional – returnrace back to Holly


  1. 314 gold
  2. 157 gold
  3. 78,5 gold
  4. 39,25 gold
  5. 16,62 gold

2nd Lotro Pubquiz

The 2nd Lotro Pubquiz. Can you find the answers to the questions? 4 themed rounds of lotr(o) related questions, riddles, where/what and scavenger hunt for all levels and players

When: february 4th 19:30 GMT/20:30 Cet
Where: Ingame (1 round discord picture based)
Access to listening and viewing discord while the event is active is encouraged. Otherwise you’ll miss 1 round.


December days of wotv

After a month break with Gundbaddy coming in. It’s time for the decembre festivities. With both christmas, new year and Sinterklaas falling in the weekend. We’re changing it up. Brining back the Wisdom of the Valar advent calendar and 12 days of wotvy.

Plans for now

26th Novembre – Black Warsteed Friday race 20:30 Cet

Weekend of the 27th nov – Kin auction weekend

1 through 25 December – Daily Advent calander lottery draw

6th Dec Monday – Sinterklaas Bree night

17 or 18 december Toffee race bonanza

20-24 dec – Squirrel’s greatest hits quick events #1
28-30 dec – Squirrel’s greatest hits quick events #2

25th dec to 5 jan – 12 days of wotvy lottery bonanza

7/8/9 Jan Quiz masterchas new years quiz

Taking the dwarf to Gundabad

On the Eve of Gundabad we’ll take a Dwarf to Gundabad. In the spirit of the infamous Hobbit to Isengard run we’ll take a low level dwarf and his friends to the Gates of Gundabad from the Throne room of Erebor.

When: 9th november 20:30 (GMT+1)
Where: Erebor Throne room
Who: Level 20+
Access Erebor through the mission recruiter and make your way to the Throne Room.
Secret cannonball race afterward (level 75+)

Low level Durins Day run

On sunday the 17th we’ll have a Run to the top of Erebor for the deed, title and lovely view of Durins Day. W’ll summon any level character to Beorning house and have a guarded run towards erebor. Any low level, chicken or protector is welcome to join.

  • When: 17 oktobre
  • Time: 20:30 Cest (19;30 GMT)
  • Duration: about 30-45 min walk (an hour total event time)
  • Who: Any level 15+

Come and join this Wotv/UP Server open run to Erebor.

10-10 cosmetic LI skirmish raid day

For the 10-10 we’ll run a mix of skirmish raids for a bunch of reasons. Fun ofc, but also grab your seals and kill swathes of enemies to grab a ton of third age legendary weapons for the 13th LI revamp launch. In addition come in your most “skirmishy” outfit and show off your warrior-face.

Time: First set of skirmishes 15:00 to 17:00 Cest. Second set 20:00 to 22:00 Cest

Cosmetic contest

During the runs take a screenshot of your outfit or post it and let squirle know with a link or ingame message. Voting will be up on monday to sunday.

LI farm for LI revamp launch

It will be (very) beneficial to fill every legendary item slot if you can. Come and farm, trade, and fill these slots. Dont forget to take them off your filter beforehand.

Why? You’ll receive Ancient scripts from them after 13 october. This is one of the main currencies for the new LI’s. Grabbing a few extra will allow you to make more items, better quality then you could do before. Also less effort afterward.

Warning: the item itself isn’t enough you will also need to have the item xp to level them before the 13th. More is better ofcourse, but grabbing 5000 extra would be nice boost. I’m going for just third ages leveled to 60 across alts.