Going on a lovely adventure

To celebrate the 14th of feb, we’re going on a lovely adventure. Everyone is welcome to join our little lotro marathon. A mix of all of Evernights little adventures, Taking the hobbit to Isengard, chicken run to Minas Tirith and from there we’ll head north to Lothlorien and Mirkwood or Mordor.

The walk will start in the Shire around 20 Cet. If you want to join as a chicken for the run to MT be present around that time. Bear with us as the beornings wander Middle-earth

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Update 23.3 +skirmish event

On monday the next inbetween update to lotro will launch. With it will come a standard downtime. For the full patchnotes follow this link https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?&postid=7912421#post7912421

The LOTRO Game Servers will be brought down on Monday, February 4th from 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM Eastern (-5 GMT) to release Update 23.3.


Skirmish Event

February 7th brings a new event: ‘Ill Omens’ to Skirmishes throughout the game! Evil stirs in Minas Morgul, and harbingers of the Dead City spread across Middle-earth! This time-limited event adds additional enemies and rewards to all Skirmishes in Lord of the Rings Online through March 11th...

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WotV crafting hour

Tonight we’re trying some new – Crafting hour

What’s the idea?
Kin activity around crafting. For an hour orso team up in an area or 2. Kill mobs (for deeds), gather materials, get some xp etc. Share area, tips or turn the items into ingots and planks on someone elses explorer that need the xp.

Basically have fun with kinnies and do activities that you’d normally not get around to for a bit.

Kill trolls in the misty mountains, someone can gather the wood, someone else ore. Give away the gems or scholar items to someone that can use them.

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Lottery and Mark yule calendar winners

Thanks all for joining the lottery and yule kin evening in Winterhome. Below you’ll find the prize winners for the gold prizes. Check the mail on the character below/the one you entered with.

For the Mark your Yule calendar check you character or http://exploremiddleearth.com/wordpress/forums/topic/yule-and-mark-lottery-entries/ for the winners. Reply on the mail with the items you’d like have before the 28th of february.

24 Fowyn 50
3 Beefonthecob 50
32 Teucer 50
21 Biuna 50
31 Noveggies 50
3 Beefonthecob 100
30 Ormeluva 100
29 Lichtblond 100
4 Ienfair 100
31 Noveggies 150
26 Riga 150
31 Noveggies 150
17 Bosef 200
6 Jaraluna 250
11 Illif 350
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Yule party 20:30 cet @ Winterhome

Tonight we’ll have our Yule kin party in the Winterhome. The lottery and remaining Mark packages will be drawn separately as we jump straight into party mode. Music, trivia, snowball fight, sparring  etc with your kinnies and people present starting around 20:30 Cet. 

Show off your yule costume and spend your yule tokens as this is the last day you can.

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Mark your Calendar new years party

On the weekend of the 12th of January Wisdom will host their new years reception. With games, lottery, kin auctions. And a great moment to show of your winter-themed cosmetics at the party.

With the end of the Yule festival in sight the 15th of January will also be the closing date for the Cosmetic and screenshot competition.

On the 1st of january the Mark your calendar giveaway will commence as well. Lottery entries will double towards this. Over the two weeks we’ll give away 50 prices of 10.000 Marks. Enter, Win, Choose a package, Get loot.

Specific details for each event will be posted over the weekend

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Angmar and Moria night

Tonight we’re looking for some angmar/moria time with the new Rift of narzgashu title. Join us for for some loot, deeds, titles and sorts centered around Angmar and Moria quests and instances.

Rift T3 starts around 21 Cet. Rest is up to requests and joiners.

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Weekend events and officers

This weekend is the lottery and games night. This will start at around 20:30 Cet on the kin island. The (war)steed race will be themed around the Gaunt-lord-let. It will feature a race from The barrow downns to Stoneheight to the Lost temple where and will start around 21 cet.

This weekend we’ll also welcome a new officer to the group Olaphyra. Longstanding member that is always up to help people.

A few officers have decided for personal reasons or playing a different game or that they can’t be online in lotro (on Evernight) as much as they did before. We’d like to thank them for the time they help us and the kin out. They will remain members and we’d always welcome them back.

At the moment we’re still looking for an officer that could help us out during the daytime and/or weekend...

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Halloween week and activities

For this weeks planned activites we’ll have

  • monday Angmar night (carn dum + Rift) 20 Cet – ..
  • tuesday, Unified Helegrod 115-120 20 cet – ….
  • wednesday, Pvmp 21 cet
  • Friday, ghostly (war)steed race 21 cet
  • Sunday, Lottery and games night
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Halloween encore lottery and kin auctions 1/2 dec

On the weekend of the 1 and 2 december we’ll hold our belated halloween special. Our regular kin auctions, lottery and gamenight will be in a halloween spirit with the  Halloween encore on their way.

30th of november – Ghostly (war)steed race
A halloween themed race across Middle-earth. Grab your horse and race your kinnies for prizes and glory.

weekend – kin auctions,
Grab a bargain, help kinnies out with the kin auctions and grabs some free bag space at the same time

2nd of december – Kin lottery and games night
For 500 silver in a mail to Lottovalar you will get a ticket. One ticket per member which on the evening we’ll hold a raffle for gold, items and all sort of prizes. During the evening we’ll also do trivia games, barrel races and other events.

Check your lottery entry on the foru...

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