This week in wotv (40)

Another packed week with a relatively easy box run in north cotton farm. Check kinchat for runs and on Monday for the box intro night.

Tuesday and Thursday are our pvmp nights with creeps first followed by creeps.

Wednesday is old raid night, feeling like a run in the rift, mirkwood or orthanc join us...

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Sunday Gondor calls for aid Triathlon 20:30 Cet

Next sunday (30 September) we’ll organise a 3-part event. Gondor call for aid. The first part will start at 20:30 Cet. Are you the quickest, agile and flightiest free people to roam middle-earth? Join us for the Minas Tirith Triathlon.

1 Gondor call for aid – Helms deep to Minas Tirith gate (war)steed race
For this classical warsteed race we’ll fol...

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Extra beta rounds for U23 (no launch week 40)

Seems SSG understands they chewed off a bit too much with this update. The content seems to ready, but the additional mastery/scaling revamp on top was too much. While you can live with a quest being broken, everyones dps isn’t. So ..
U23 won’t launch next week And more (2 a week?) beta builds are planned...
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Teamspeak details changed

We’ve changed teamspeak providers. You’ll have to change your bookmark or create a new one to connect.

Server –
Password – check ingame or fb

Channels and admin rights will have to be redone. For now we’ve set up a lounge, afk and grouping channels.

If there are any issues contact squirle or adye for help.

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This week in wotv

Revamped, this week in wotv again. With a few more activities and room for “personal ads”. Are you planning an instance ahead of time ; putting aside an hour for some deeds or leveling in a region? Let us know.

Monday – web of the scuttledells box run evening

Tuesday – 20 CET unified T1 draigoch, unlocks arranged before.

20:30-21 CET start of creep...

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New officers and Lottery results

Some may have already seen them in the wild. With the new update and changes in playtime we’ve decided to welcome a few new officers to the team.

  • Byuna as a new officer
  • Riga as a returning officer
  • Adye changed officer to Ferynda

We’d wish them the best of luck and hope you give a warm welcome as well...

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Back to school Lottery and kin weekend

It’s september so all the little elfs and hobbits are going back to school. And so are we. In the weekend of 14-16 september we’ll have a host of event for you.

The weekend – Kin auctions – Find a bargain near an AH near you
14 september – Hide and Seek (I don’t want to go) Eregion area 21 Cet
15 september – Kin lottery draw, music and trivia – TBT

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Tavern crawl (race) Shire 21 Cet

For summer event 5, The Shire tavern crawl @ 21 cet. A new type of event which will test your racing skills as well as your knowledge of an area.

At the start we’ll all gather up at a central place and you will be given a list of items and rough locations of where to find them. You will have 45 minutes to find as many as you can...

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